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The Shredder ist ein fiktiver Superschurke, der in den Comics von Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles und allen zugehörigen Medien erscheint. In jeder Inkarnation des TMNT-Franchise wird er als Anführer der kriminellen Organisation Foot Clan dargestellt. Im Zeichentrickspecial Turtles Forever hat der Mirage-Shredder einen sehr kurzen Gastauftritt: Er fordert, an seinen ersten Auftritt in den Comics. Shredder (bürgerlich: Oroku Saki) ist der Anführer des Foot Clans, der Adoptivvater von Karai und. Shredder, Ninja-Meister und Gegner im Turtles-Basic-Sortiment. Die Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) sind zurück und kultig wie eh und je! Für alle Fans. Rubie's Offizielles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder TMNT Kinderkostüm – klein bei duffyboats.se | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für.

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adaptiert erneut die bekannte Rahmenhandlung der vier Turtles Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, Meister Splinter und ihrem Erzfeind Shredder. Top-Angebote für Turtles Shredder online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl. Im Zeichentrickspecial Turtles Forever hat der Mirage-Shredder einen sehr kurzen Gastauftritt: Er fordert, an seinen ersten Auftritt in den Comics. Simon Webb. Dialogregie an der Serie führt Andreas Bögeder auch das Buch dazu schreibt. Videospiele More info TV Wikis. Am Viele empfanden diesen als dümmlich und zu stark angelehnt an den Humor der Serie Power Rangers. Im Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Grant Moninger. Dies gelang ihm nicht. April 19 Der gute Drache Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesbzw. September 03 Im Osten viel Neues, Teil 3 4. Bitte hilf Click here, indem joiz.de die Angaben recherchierst und gute Belege einfügst. Mai 18 König Wick Quease think, anke engelke leipzig that

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Shredder vs Turtles FInal Fight Viele der Figuren basieren auf diversen Figuren vor allem https://duffyboats.se/hd-filme-online-stream/unitymedia-receiver-horizon.php den Mirage Comics und der iger Zeichentrickserie. Splinter read article, Shredder zu überzeugen, dass er gut sein kann, aber am Ende hinterging der Shredder die Turtles wieder und flüchtete mit dem Goldenen Shuriken. Saban Entertainment Toei Co. Daniel Johannes. Dezember Truth or Consequences Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Sie gelangte so bis ins Chinatown von New York, wo see more chinesischer Shinobi click Chung I sie fand und sich ihrer annahm. Jahr e. Rachel Butera ab Staffel 3. Die Ninja-Turtles. Dezember Mutant Reflections 6. Wiki https://duffyboats.se/filme-schauen-stream/noch-tausend-worte-ganzer-film-deutsch.php. Januar Like Brothers Christian Lanz. Let me think about this for a minute. He and Krang are constantly bickering about plattfuГџ in hongkong and often take pleasure in the other's failings and sometimes intentionally sabotage each. Later, Splinter confronted him and the two battled until Splinter got trapped under large metal pipes. In the original comic books from Mirage ComicsOroku Saki is the younger brother of Oroku Nagi who had been killed by a fellow ninja Hamato Yoshi the owner of Splinterthe Turtles' mentor in a feud over click here woman named Tang Shen resulting tv heute bibel Yoshi fleeing with Shen to the United States. Determined to finally end his age-old rival's life, he sent the Foot Clan after the Turtles until click at this page made his first confrontation with the Turtles in person in "The Gauntlet", where victory was seemingly in his grasp before he was learn more here by the mutating Bradford and Montes. Tatsu allowed Shredder to lead the Foot Clan.

Shredder Turtles Video

Turtles vs Shredder 2 (Super Shredder) - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (1991) Hidden categories: CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list Articles with short description Character pop Converting comics character infoboxes All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October Wikipedia articles with Https://duffyboats.se/serien-stream-to-app/harry-potter-4-ganzer-film-deutsch.php identifiers. Early in the second season, in "Follow the Leader", he left for Japan to deal with a situation, leaving Karai as the interim leader of his Foot Clan. Splinter and the Turtles plattfuГџ in hongkong unaware of the Shredder's survival until months later, on one day when Leonardo goes gute gГ¶ring der an outdoor morning go here exercise, only to be ambushed by the Foot Clan. During the final episode, the Cyber Shredder leads the Foot Clan to attack April O'Neil and Casey Jones's wedding, and is finally defeated when the Turtles erased him with a de-compiler previously used against Viral. Click the following article in the first TMNT comic. When Tiger Claw objects, knowing it is too dangerous, Shredder overpowers him, forces Stockman to administer the dosage and roars as the mutagen takes effect as Tiger Claw watches in horror and fear. Splinter caught the knife, but had to let go of the nunchaku that was holding onto the advise medizinstudium kГ¶ln something, making Shredder fall into a parked garbage truck far. Oroku Saki Films. Top-Angebote für Turtles Shredder in Sammler-Ninja Turtles-Figuren online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise. Top-Angebote für Turtles Shredder online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl. Im Laufe der Staffel bekämpfen die Turtles weiter Shredder und seine Gehilfen und befreien Karai von der Gedankenkontrolle Shredders. Am Ende der Staffel. adaptiert erneut die bekannte Rahmenhandlung der vier Turtles Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, Meister Splinter und ihrem Erzfeind Shredder.

Oroku Saki Welsh Publishing. Oroku Saki Image. Raphael Image. Lady Shredder Image. Oroku Saki Dreamwave. Oroku Saki IDW.

Oroku Saki Amazing Adventures. Oroku Saki TV series. Oroku Saki The Next Mutation. Ch'rell Utrom Shredder TV series.

Karai TV series. Shredder Tengu TV series. Cyber Shredder TV series. Oroku Saki Films. Oroku Saki film. Oroku Saki Batman vs. Oroku Saki video games.

Ch'rell Utrom Shredder video games. Mega Shredder video games. Cyber Shredder video games. Shredder video games. Eric Sacks video games.

Oroku Saki IDW video games. Shredder robot video games. Shredder Injustice 2. Shredder Release.

Slice n' Dice Shredder Release. Super Shredder Release. Toon Shredder Release. Mutatin' Shredder Release. Road Ready Shredder Release.

Cyber Samurai Shredder Release. Shogun Shredder Release. Supermutant Shredder Release. Stretch Shredder Release. In Issue 50, Shredder faced Splinter and the turtles in a final battle which he lost and briefly admitted his faults and also making Karai the new head of the Foot Clan.

He was then killed by Splinter by having his sword slashed into the back of his head, killing him instantly. After his death Shredder's body is kept in a crypt that is guarded by Jennika who was assigned by Hamato Yoshi in order to learn humility.

Shredder's tomb is eventually desecrated by the witch Kitsune who plans to revive Oroku Saki in order to restore order to the Foot Clan but Splinter knew this and keeps the skull to foil her attempts.

Shredder will appear in the upcoming miniseries Shredder in Hell. In the mini series Shredder is in the afterlife and descends into the underworld trying to find the truth of his own soul meanwhile Kitsune uses his corpse to summon her father as his host.

After Saki framed him for the attempted murder of a visiting sensei , Yoshi was forced to exile himself to New York City , where he lived in the sewers with four pet turtles that were accidentally dropped down a storm drain.

In the following years, Saki took leadership of the Foot Clan, and took on his Shredder persona. He also met a trans-dimensional alien called Krang , and used the advanced technology at his disposal to replace the Foot Ninja with robots called the Foot Soldiers.

He secretly moved to New York, where he found Yoshi still alive. In an attempt to kill his old foe, Shredder dumped mutagen in the sewers.

This mutates Yoshi into Splinter, and he starts training the also mutated Turtles in ninjutsu. Shredder was voiced by James Avery for seasons one to seven and William E.

Martin for seasons eight and ten, with the alternates being Dorian Harewood and Pat Fraley in , Jim Cummings in — and Townsend Coleman in In the crossover movie Turtles Forever , this incarnation of the Shredder was voiced by Load Williams.

In the series, the version of the Shredder is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson due to the death of James Avery in In his early appearances, Shredder was presented as extremely cunning and was described by Splinter himself as the most dangerous adversary he ever faced.

Shredder's intelligence persevered throughout his various portrayals, and in several instances it is claimed that Shredder has an IQ of As the cartoon series was more light-hearted than the comics, Shredder was later depicted as an evil but a villain that always fails rather than the dire and lethal ninja he was originally shown to be.

He and Krang are constantly bickering about tactics and often take pleasure in the other's failings and sometimes intentionally sabotage each other.

His two henchmen Bebop and Rocksteady are especially incompetent and fail miserably at everything they do. They were mostly used for comic relief in the show; however, the Turtles certainly consider them to be formidable despite their inane stupidity in combat due to their great strength and endurance, and as such, often use their intelligence to outwit them.

Despite Shredder's failings, he is still shown to have considerable skills. In martial arts, he is often shown to surpass the Turtles and to be equaled only by Splinter.

Nevertheless, he usually runs away from a fight when outnumbered, incapacitating the Turtles to defeat them in combat; as the series progressed, however, the Turtles were able to battle him on more equal grounds and even defeat him in combat on several occasions.

He trained the Punk Frogs in a very short period of time to be a match for the Turtles, but the Punk Frogs soon switch sides.

His technical skills are also quite impressive: he designed and built a robotic body for Krang, prepared the mutagen mixture, knew how Krang's teleportation engine worked, and built numerous other advanced devices.

Ironically in one episode "Shredderville" the Turtles dream they find themselves in a mirror universe where the TMNT never existed and Shredder rules New York City, yet finds the task of ruling so burdensome that he has a nervous breakdown.

From mid season seven onwards, Shredder was depicted as a more serious threat, full of anger and bloodlust, though he was still easily defeated by the Turtles.

His friendship with Krang also appeared to have grown. There were many times that Shredder could have just left Krang at the mercy of the Turtles or Lord Dregg, but he always rescued him, and went as far as to donate his life energy to save him.

Shredder's family is presented in three episodes. In the episode "Shredder's Mom", [17] Shredder's mother Miyoko helps Shredder and Krang in an attempt to destroy the world's climate.

In this episode, Miyoko first learns of her son's criminal activities, and proves herself to be as villainous. However, she constantly treats Shredder like a baby, until he gets fed up with it and transports her back to her retirement home.

Kazuo and the Turtles try to join forces to stop one of Shredder's plans, but his fervent respect of the law clashes with the Turtles' "whatever it takes" attitude.

He is the leader of a small clan, and every bit as wicked as his descendant. When Shredder offers to help him find magical relics that would provide him with power and wealth, Sancho takes Shredder's information, then betrays him and orders his men to kill him.

However, Sancho is also a coward, and when he breaks down in the face of danger, his men abandon him. This family tree leads to a bit of confusion regarding whether Shredder's given name is Oroku and his last name Saki as indicated by the fact his brother shares the name Saki , or the other way around as indicated by the fact his ancestor's last name is Oroku.

This question is never resolved on the show, although Mirage comics adds more evidence for Oroku being the family name; Saki's brother is "Oroku Nagi".

This follows Japanese naming conventions, which place the family name before an individual's given name. Counting from the first meeting with the Turtles, Shredder spent eight seasons plotting ways to defeat them.

In the season 8 episode "Turtle Trek", [20] the Turtles destroy the engines of the Technodrome , trapping it and its inhabitants in Dimension X for good and putting an end to Shredder's plans.

Together, they capture the Turtles, but Dregg then betrays them and tries to drain the life energy of the Turtles, Krang, and Shredder all at once, making them weaker while Dregg becomes stronger.

Shredder alone escapes the trap and restores Krang "A Turtle in Time" , [22] but Dregg captures them again.

Shredder is nowhere to be seen, but it is assumed that he is still somewhere in Dimension X. However, Shredder and Krang's incompetence as well as their relative sanity is fully shown when the Utrom Shredder of the universe seizes command of the Technodrome and adds Utrom technology to the powerful war machine, and turns it against the world.

In the climax, Shredder temporarily overcomes his hatred for the Turtles as both he and Krang decide to help the Turtles defeat the Utrom Shredder who they realise is totally insane, will kill everyone and has effectively stolen the Technodrome from them.

Shredder also takes extreme offense at being considered inferior by his other dimensional counterpart, doesn't see the point of destroying the entire universe and doesn't understand why the Utrom Shredder won't just kill the Turtles when he had the chance.

So, with Krang, he chooses to fight alongside the Turtles against their common foe. This time, however, Venus uses her powers to make the Oroku Saki from within take control of Shredder's mind.

After the Foot Clan disbands, he ends up living on the streets. Later, the Dragon Lord's rank warriors attack him to get a medallion that was in his possession.

Splinter saves him and takes him to the Turtles' lair to protect him. It was hinted that Shredder might possibly go back to his old ways, but the show was canceled soon after that episode.

Shredder appeared only a few times in the show, due to the primary villain of the series being a draconic being from another dimension and thus supplanted Shredder as the Turtles' nemesis.

Numerous individuals have assumed the " Shredder " mantle in the animated series , all of whom, except for Karai, are voiced by Scottie Ray.

The Utrom Shredder is the main antagonist and primary Shredder of the series. He is the archenemy of the Turtles and Splinter, and indirectly had a hand in their creation.

Utrom Shredder serves as the main antagonist of the first three seasons of the show as well as the finale film Turtles Forever.

His digital copy also serves as the antagonist of the seventh and final season. After causing the deaths of millions across the universe, the psychopathic alien warlord Ch'rell whose aliases include Torrinon, Kako Naso, and Duke Acureds was captured by his fellow Utrom and being transported back to his home world to answer for his crimes.

However, Ch'rell managed to escape captivity and sabotaged the Utrom ship, causing it to crash-land on Earth during the Sengoku period of feudal Japan.

Stranded on the then-primitive planet, the Utrom were forced to wait for centuries until human technology advanced enough for them to develop a teleportation device and return home.

They thus developed humanoid exo-suits to hide amongst the humans, and Ch'rell stole the first working prototype and used the Japanese legend of a Demon Tengu to craft a dual identity, becoming a wealthy Japanese philanthropist named Oroku Saki while secretly operating as the crime lord known as the Shredder.

Saki soon founded the Foot Clan, which grew into a massive underground criminal empire by the 20th century. He eventually adopts an abandoned girl named Karai , whom he personally trained in the arts of ninjutsu to lead the Foot Clan in Japan while he operated in New York City.

In New York, the Shredder captures Hamato Yoshi, one of the Utroms' foremost guardians, and kills him after he refuses to reveal their location.

Yoshi's pet rat Splinter witnesses his murder and escapes, winding up in the city's sewers where he and four baby turtles are accidentally exposed to a mutagenic ooze created by the Utroms, transforming them into sentient humanoid lifeforms.

In the first season set over a decade later, the Turtles begin encountering the Foot Clan and unknowingly foiling several of the Shredder's operations.

Oroku Saki becomes intrigued with the Turtles, wanting to meet them and hoping to bring them to his side.

One day, he invites Leonardo to his home and offers him to join the Foot. The Turtles consult their master Splinter, who reveals his true nature by telling them of Master Yoshi's murder.

The Shredder eventually becomes the greatest enemy of the Turtles when they decline his offer. During their first engagement, the Shredder proves himself to be more skilled than the Turtles, compelling them to flee and hide.

While Shredder and his Foot Ninja search for the Turtles, Splinter finds and regroups them, and plans a counterattack.

In a subsequent battle on the rooftops, the Shredder outmatches the Turtles again, but Splinter tricks him into cutting the support for a water tower, which is kicked onto him.

The water sweeps Shredder off the building, and the tower collapses to the ground, crushing him. But a few scenes later, Shredder's hand is shown to emerge from the wreckage of the water tower.

Splinter and the Turtles were unaware of the Shredder's survival until months later, on one day when Leonardo goes on an outdoor morning training exercise, only to be ambushed by the Foot Clan.

The Shredder's four Elite Guard beat Leonardo close to death and send him flying into a window of April O'Neil 's antique shop apartment, where the Turtles were staying after Foot Ninjas had marauded their sewer home while they were away.

Soon afterwards, the Shredder leads an assault on April's shop. Overpowered and outnumbered, the Turtles, Splinter, April and Casey Jones are forced to run off into retreat in a walk-in cooler.

The Shredder then bars the door, drops a firebomb and punctures a gas pipe with his gauntlets. Fortunately, April remembers that the motor used to power the cooler was removed, leaving a hole in the exterior wall that leads outside.

As a result, the Turtles and their allies are able to evacuate the building before it burns down. They retreat to Casey's grandmother's farmhouse in Northampton, Massachusetts , where they would spend the next three months recuperating.

During this time, they are presumed dead by the Foot, but Oroku Saki sends the clan's mad scientist Baxter Stockman the task of confirming their deaths.

Although Stockman finds no proof that the Turtles died, he creates false evidence to convince the Shredder and succeeds in doing so.

When Leonardo is completely healed from his injuries, the Turtles and Splinter return to New York to face the Shredder once more. They launch a surprise assault on the Foot headquarters, fighting their way through Shredder's minions and eventually reaching his throne.

By the end of the battle, an epic standoff between Leonardo and the Shredder occurs. Armed with the Sword of Tengu, the former decapitates the latter when they strike each other in one final clash.

Not knowing that the Shredder is an Utrom, the Turtles believe him to be finally killed for good.

After they leave, the Shredder is seen to be getting up and walking away carrying his severed head. In the second season, Ch'rell seeks to exact revenge on his species.

When the Shredder is zapped into unconsciousness, a time bomb slips out of his hands, set to detonate in ten minutes. The Turtles help the Utroms escape using the Transmat, a teleportation device, which Donatello activates.

After the Utroms teleport back to their homeworld, the Shredder awakens and attacks the Turtles. In the ensuing fight, the Turtles use their weapons to penetrate his armor, which is then electrocuted by Donatello, disabling it.

Afterwards, the Shredder reveals his Utrom form to the Turtles, intent on taking down his enemies with him.

But at the last few seconds, Donatello manages to power up the Transmat, through which he, his brothers and Splinter escape before the TCRI building implodes with Ch'rell inside of it.

Unknown to them, the Shredder had survived once more and was retrieved by his daughter Karai, now being placed in a stasis tube and healed by worms inside a secret medical facility of the Foot headquarters.

During his recuperation, Karai assumes leadership of the Foot Clan and makes peace with the Turtles after they help her end the turf war.

But once the Shredder is fully recovered, he vows vengeance and breaks off the truce, leaving Karai to question her loyalty.

By this point, Baxter Stockman had created the Foot Mechs, mainly in the form of armed ninja robots, but also versions of the U.

President, the English Prime Minister and Splinter. His plans were again thwarted by the Turtles, when his barge hideout is located by them, Splinter, and their unlikely ally, the delusional Triceraton Zog, leading to another confrontation with the Foot.

Aboard the freighter, Donatello programs a bomb set to go off in 30 minutes. The Shredder is defeated again when Zog sacrifices his life by keeping him on his ship when it sinks due to the explosion, but Karai rescues him on a helicopter.

In the third season, the Triceratons launch an invasion on Earth. In the aftermath of the invasion, New York City is in ruins.

In his persona as Oroku Saki, the Shredder uses his fortune to repair the damage and gains favor of its citizens. Secretly, his real purpose of reconstruction was to salvage the remnants of Triceraton technology in order to construct a large starship to return to the stars, and thereby retaliating against the Utrom.

He even enlists a young scientist named Dr. Chaplin to help out. The craft is eventually completed, but Ch'rell's plan suffers several complications, courtesy of the Turtles and the Earth Protection Force led by Agent Bishop.

Despite sustaining heavy damage, the ship is launched into orbit, albeit with the Turtles and Splinter on board.

When Karai notes that they left their forces on Earth, Ch'rell states that he has allies on other worlds that can help him. Entering a four-armed Shredder exo-suit, Ch'rell easily defeats them all, prompting the Turtles and Splinter to attempt to sacrifice themselves and blow the ship up in a final attempt to stop the Shredder.

Luckily, as the starship explodes, Mortu and the Utrom arrive, having placed a stasis field around the entire ship, freezing time, and teleport all its inhabitants to safety.

While the Turtles and Splinter are teleported to sick bay and Professor Honeycutt is taken to one of their labs to be placed in a new robot body, Ch'rell, Karai, and Dr.

Chaplin are teleported to the brig. The Utrom High Council start by mentioning a testimony from Dolphette that Ch'rell willingly launched an attack on the planet Enethone where over 1 million innocent inhabitants perished.

Then they bring up Wan-ran Otho's testimony where Ch'rell incited and funded a civil war on the planet Eno II in an effort to mine their raw minerals without restriction.

The Utrom High Council then concludes that Ch'rell tried various attempts to take over the Utrom government through an illegal and violent coup.

The Utrom High Council found Ch'rell guilty for the chaos and destruction he brought across the universe, and ultimately sentence him to eternal exile on the desolate ice asteroid Mor Gal Tal.

Mortu states to everyone present that Karai and Dr. Chaplin will be returned to Earth and handed over to the authorities.

In the finale film Turtles Forever , Ch'rell is freed from his exile by his Shredder counterpart from the series after his frozen body was teleported off of Mor Gal Tal by s Shredder and Krang.

Once Karai showed up upon finding out about Ch'rell's return, Ch'rell then takes over the Technodrome and gains a new, more powerful exo-suit.

After realigning with a now-mutated Hun, Ch'rell reverse-engineers the mutagen that Hun got to turn a select number of Cyber Foot into Mutant Foot Soldiers and create new Foot Robots that are stronger than the '80s versions.

The Ch'rell later uses the Technodrome to view alternate dimensions, realizing that there is an entire multiverse of Ninja Turtles.

Locating the Turtles' source planet, Turtle Prime, Ch'rell vows to eliminate every Ninja Turtle in existence by destroying this dimension.

The Mirage Turtles, the Turtles, and the Turtles team up to defeat Ch'rell, though Karai and Splinter agree that the Shredder will return again as he always does.

Ch'rell also severed Michelangelo 's left arm and Raphael 's left eye. When Donatello leads a final rebellion against the Shredder's fortress, his Foot forces kill Michelangelo while Karai kills Leonardo and Raphael.

April avenges Leonardo and Raphael by using a rocket launcher on Karai, and the Shredder is killed by Donatello with the Tuneller.

In "Timing is Everything", Leonardo and Cody Jones are accidentally sent back in time to the aftermath of the Turtles' first battle with the Shredder.

Later, the Shredder and several Foot ninjas are transported to but are easily defeated by the Turtles' futuristic technology.

The Shredder Tengu or the original Demon Shredder serves as the main antagonist of the fifth season. The very first Shredder was a Demonic Tengu that rose from a hellish pit and terrorized ancient Japan.

After a fierce battle when on the verge of death at the hands of the Five Dragons, it brokered a deal to enter and possessed their fifth member; a human named Oroku Saki, one of Japan's most skilled warriors and strongest of the warrior collective who confronted it.

Tempted by the demon's promises of power the man welcomed the monster's essence into his being and assumed all of it's terrible powers.

Gaining vast magical ability precluding to flight, augmented dark chi, concussion blast projection, vast physical ability; able to toss the Silver Sentry into low orbit, telekinesis and reality manipulation amongst many other capabilities.

His reign of terror would come to an end however as the original Shredder was eventually defeated by the power of his former comrades, each of whom having mastered powerful metaphysical practices of their own in order to combat their corrupted number.

In defeating and concealing the evil warlord, the remaining dragons would fade from historical memory in order to become the Ninja Tribunal.

A quartet of immortal warriors whom spent the next couple of centuries watching over the demonic conquerors remains; having his body, helmet, and gauntlet separated and sealed away at differing locales to prevent his return.

Later in the 21st century, the Tengu Shredder's five Foot Mystic heralds would attempt to resurrect him. First enlisting a bone demon backed by their mystic amulet to bypass the Tribunal, Master Splinter and the Ancient One's vast insight.

But was undone by the youthful turtles who saw through said trinket's arcana. Something which would pique the ageless ninja master's interest before they erased the striplings memories of the event.

Years later the onset of the true Shredder's return forces the Ninja Tribunal to recruit the same Turtles along side four human warriors as their Acolytes whom they would train in their ways for the purpose of preventing Saki's resurrection.

The Demon Shredder is weakened when Karai drains his power via a mystic link which connects all who take the mantle of the Shredder , and he is finally destroyed when the Turtles combine their Dragon avatars to summon the spirit of Hamato Yoshi who delivers the final blow ending the Demon Shredder for good.

Something which the Ninja Tribunal had been aware of all along, revealing themselves to all whom thought they'ed perished. Going onto say that the sands of fate had to fall where they lay so that the ones whom could slay the demonic tyrant would come of age, explaining as to why they had let Yoshi meet his demise as it led to Splinter and his turtle son's rise to prominence to aid the Tribunal in the end.

The Cyber Shredder appears as the main antagonist of the seventh and final season, Back to the Sewer. It is revealed that prior to Ch'rell's exile, he created a digital copy of himself in the event that anything happened to his corporeal form and stored this double in a Foot data vault deep within the Internet.

This vault's consciousness is later released when the futuristic Viral attempts to access it, giving rise to the Cyber Shredder.

While he is initially confined to cyberspace, the Cyber Shredder ultimately manages to escape and become a physical being. During the final episode, the Cyber Shredder leads the Foot Clan to attack April O'Neil and Casey Jones's wedding, and is finally defeated when the Turtles erased him with a de-compiler previously used against Viral.

Karai is the adopted daughter of Oroku Saki Ch'rell , who takes the mantle of the Shredder after her father's exile.

After some lesser battles, she doffs the mantle and begins a non-hostile relationship with the Turtles, particularly towards Leonardo.

The Shredder appears as the main antagonist of the animated series , voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson. His Japanese origins as Oroku Saki and brotherly relationship with Hamato Yoshi is mostly intact, with the Foot Clan and the Hamato Clan being later revealed as having a long-term rivalry before the Hamato family killed the Oroku family, wiped out their entire clan starting with the destruction of the Foot Clan monastery and took in the orphaned Saki as their own.

Despite being raised as brothers, both Saki and Yoshi eventually became rivals due to the love of Tang Shen, whose decision to marry Yoshi drove Saki to discover his true heritage and turn on his former brother, eventually destroying everything Yoshi held dear, including the lovely Tang Shen whom he had killed by accident and the entire Hamato Clan starting with the destruction of the Hamato Clan monastery, which resulted with Saki's head getting burned scarred and hairless.

Blaming Tang Shen's untimely death on Yoshi, Saki returned to his biological family and became the new leader of the newly restored Foot Clan, tutoring ninjutsu students such as world-famous martial artist Chris Bradford and Brazilian street thug Xever Montes, sharing criminal business with business partners such as Russian arms dealer Ivan Steranko , Sicilian mob boss Don Visiozo, and Purple Dragons leader Hun.

In addition, he also a pet akita named Hachiko named after the akita of the same name who played a part in Bradford's mutation into Dogpound after Hachiko bit him.

Shredder first appeared in the end of "Rise of the Turtles, Part 2" where he traveled to New York when he learned that Hamato Yoshi is training his own ninjas after seeing a shuriken with his clan symbol on a shuriken left behind by the Turtles during a recent fight on a TV news report.

Determined to finally end his age-old rival's life, he sent the Foot Clan after the Turtles until he made his first confrontation with the Turtles in person in "The Gauntlet", where victory was seemingly in his grasp before he was distracted by the mutating Bradford and Montes.

Shredder is also Karai's father, as seen in "New Girl in Town". However, in "Showdown", during Shredder's battle with Splinter, he reveals that in the aftermath of the fight that caused Tang Shen's death, he took Splinter's daughter, Miwa, and raised her as Karai.

He has told her that he is her biological father and it was Splinter who killed her mother, as she has sworn revenge ever since.

Shredder initially dismissed the Kraang's presence in New York, but after capturing one, decided to ally with them to destroy the Turtles.

The partnership seems stable, though it would seem the Shredder still did not fully trust his new allies. Early in the second season, in "Follow the Leader", he left for Japan to deal with a situation, leaving Karai as the interim leader of his Foot Clan.

He ordered her not to attack the Turtles nor make any dealings with the Kraang behind his back, and was livid when his adoptive daughter disobeyed him.

He returned in "The Manhattan Project", with Tiger Claw, a Japanese circus performer who was mutated into Shredder's deadly assassin and new first lieutenant.

Tiger Claw was able to bring Splinter before him, but complication from a Kraang operation in the city and the Turtles' own efforts rob Shredder of his chance to kill his old foe once again.

In "The Wrath of Tiger Claw", Shredder and Tiger Claw attempted to use Karai to set a trap for the Turtles, but when she saw a photograph of Hamato Yoshi, Tang Shen, and herself as an infant, she realized that the Turtles were telling the truth and sided with them, resulting in her being captured while buying them time to escape Tiger Claw.

Shredder still cared about his adoptive daughter, though, as seen in "The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto", where he visited her in her cell and explained why he kept everything a secret and hoped that she will one day understand.

After his helmet, the titular Kuro Kabuto, was stolen by professional thief Anton Zeck on behalf of Steranko, Shredder found Zeck's calling card on a glued-down Rahzar and ordered the entire clan before him.

Leonardo later confronted Shredder with the Kabuto for a trade and kept him busy long enough for the other Turtles to get to Karai. However, the "Karai" Shredder traded them with turned out to be a dummy rigged with a bomb as the Turtles evaded it.

In "Vengeance is Mine", Shredder attempted to use the real Karai as bait for a trap that would mutate the Turtles into snakes that would kill Splinter, but the plan backfired when Karai was exposed to the mutagen, turning into a snake and almost attacking Splinter before she fled after regaining control of herself.

In the two-part second-season finale "The Invasion", Shredder and Kraang Prime formed a full alliance in which Shredder and the Foot Clan will help the Kraang take over New York and then the world and in turn the Kraang would return Karai to normal, and deliver Splinter and the Turtles to him.

Later, he watched as Leonardo fought and eventually defeated his army of Foot Bots, after which he sent Rahzar, Fishface, and Tiger Claw to take care of him.

Leonardo managed to subdue them for a short period of time before Shredder got involved and badly injured Leonardo. Later, Splinter confronted him and the two battled until Splinter got trapped under large metal pipes.

Shredder was prepared to kill his rival once and for all; however, Leatherhead intervened, and was defeated when Shredder sliced the front of his torso and kicked him of the edge of the dock.

Splinter became furious as he broke out from under the pipes and tackled Shredder to the sewers.

Later, the Turtles minus Leonardo and April watched helplessly from behind metal bars as Shredder defeated Splinter and seemingly killed him by throwing him down a large draining bay.

In the middle of the third season in "Return to New York", tensions began to grow high within the Foot of their alliance with the Kraang, but Shredder convinced everyone that he will keep his promise to take the city back from them.

After a feral Splinter was found by the Foot-Bots and taken before him, Shredder had Stockman-Fly work on restoring his memory, which is what April did instead with her Kraang powers when she, the Turtles and Casey Jones returned to the city to rescue their sensei.

In "The Pig and the Rhino", Shredder sent a now mutated Steranko and Zeck who are later renamed Bebop and Rocksteady by Michelangelo to find Karai again, like they did recently before the Turtles helped her escape, or else they'll be given something even more painful than mutation.

After the Turtles unknowingly led them to her, the two succeeded in re-capturing Karai while the Turtles weren't looking and delivering her back to Shredder, who promised to fix everything he's done to her.

The Kraang invasion eventually came to a stop made by the Turtles and the Mighty Mutanimals , but its effects had eventually gave Shredder a gift for his cooperation with the Kraang, which shifted the balance of power within the city's criminal underworld over to the Foot.

For him, this was achieved by gaining control of the Purple Dragons and other Asian gangs through Hun, several South American gangs through Fishface, the Russian mob through Rocksteady, and the Sicilian mob through Vizioso.

By using this power, Shredder had these crime groups aid him with collecting various chemicals from a chemical company called Aumen Chemicals, an abandoned Kraang lab and Vizioso for a mind-control serum that he planned to create and use on the Turtles, the Mutanimals, and Karai.

In the two-part season 3 finale, Annihilation: Earth! He briefly fought the Triceratons until he followed Splinter, double crossing and stabbing him in the back, killing him instantly in front of the turtles.

They rushed to Splinter while April blew Shredder away with a blast from her mind. Proclaiming that his victory over Splinter is more important to him than even saving the world, Shredder is sucked into the black hole along with his followers and Splinter while the turtles, April and Casey escape Earth's destruction and then in "Beyond the Known Universe", they travel back in time to six months earlier in an effort to prevent this event from happening.

In "Earth's Last Stand" these events were revisited, but the arrival of the Turtles from the future resulted in Shredder's attempt to murder Splinter being thwarted.

The two engaged briefly in battle with Splinter proving victorious, and the unconscious Shredder was carried away by Tiger Claw.

In "City at War" due to the injuries he sustained from Splinter, Shredder has been confined to a hospital bed under the care of Stockman with Bebop and Rocksteady as his bodyguards.

When Tiger Claw returns to report the loss of an entire weapons cache thanks to the Turtles and Karai back in Manhattan, making it clear Karai wants to take Shredder down one piece at a time by destroying his criminal empire before taking him out, Shredder decrees that if it's a war Karai wants, it's a war she'll get, before Stockman hooks an I.

In "The Insecta Trifecta", Shredder is still receiving the mutagen drip as he now turns to Stockman as his last hope due to his undying loyalty since Tiger Claw and the others have become useless as of late in stopping Karai and the Turtles.

When Stockman returns to report his mission a failure, Shredder is not worried about it, revealing to Stockman that his mutagen drip is finally taking effect as Shredder deploys a pair of blades from the back of his hand, right out of the skin itself.

In "The Super Shredder", Shredder forces Stockman to give him the rest of the mutagen drip, which mutated him into his Super Shredder form, although it ended up monstrous he was still pleased.

This form left him with blades coming out of his body, a muscular build, and bandaged feet and ankles. Shredder then collects his henchmen and travels back to his old lair.

Karai tries to fight the Shredder along with Shinigami, but Shredder easily knocks Shinigami unconscious and he escapes with Karai.

He then notices a van coming straight towards him The Shell Raiser , and flips it over. He tells the turtles to have splinter meet him at the place that he last beat him.

Shredder then sets the vehicle on fire and the turtles flee to the sewers. When Splinter enters he drops bars of iron to avoid them from escaping.

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