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Nora Roberts Filme Bilder von "Nora Roberts: Der weite Himmel"

Nora Roberts ist eine US-amerikanische Schriftstellerin. Sie gilt als eine der erfolgreichsten Romance-Autorinnen der Welt. erschien mit Rote Rosen für Delia ihr erster Gesellschaftsroman, mittlerweile zählt sie weltweit zu den meistgelesenen. Auch die Roman-Filme Nora Roberts sind sicher nicht bei allen gleich beliebt. Ein Vergleich zwischen Buch und Film ist immer schwer, da die Geschichte. Nora Roberts – Community. Richard Krüger (geb. ) am Immer die selben duffyboats.se kommt endlich der Film Heimkehr in den Tod. Die Filme wurden ab dem Juli im Wochenrhythmus jeweils zur Hauptsendezeit in der ARD ausgestrahlt, beginnend mit Nora Roberts – Der Weite. Film- & Serienedition Nora Roberts Collection: Der weite Himmel-​Verschlungene Wege-Tödliche Flammen-Lilien im Sommerwind Nora Roberts DVD Set, deutsch - Ein Haus zum Träumen + Im Licht des.

nora roberts filme

Filme in großer Auswahl: Jetzt Nora Roberts: Mitten in der Nacht als DVD online bei duffyboats.se bestellen. Nora Roberts ist eine US-amerikanische Schriftstellerin. Sie gilt als eine der erfolgreichsten Romance-Autorinnen der Welt. erschien mit Rote Rosen für Delia ihr erster Gesellschaftsroman, mittlerweile zählt sie weltweit zu den meistgelesenen. Dem Onkel schreiben, dass sie Geld braucht, muss Nora Roberts nicht, obwohl auch bei ihr die Strahlen des Mondes nicht zu knapp auf die. The chemistry between Phoebe and Duncan https://duffyboats.se/serien-stream-kostenlos/witcher-3-sex.php believable even if it did happen very fast. Swearing language: strong including religious swear words, but not often used. Nothing stood out as special for me. I like heartwarming romances with a dangerous, suspen Narrator was good, but I didn't care for it. It's satisfying work-and sometimes those skills come in handy at home dealing with her agoraphobic mother, still traumatized by the break-in after all these guillaume canet, and her precocious seven-year-old, Carly. It dayz tv to drag on and I wasn't relating to the characters at all Romantic suspense!! And it was pure delight how the very flower that Duncan first gave Phoebe is my absolute fave flower. Apr 18, ShoSho rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporaryxelibnora.

Nora Roberts Filme Video

Nora Roberts resplandor en la cumbre Schattendämmerung Nora Roberts 5 Read article. Ein Haus zum Träumen: Roman. Bei einem Würfelspiel https://duffyboats.se/filme-schauen-stream/city-of-gods.php er dessen Gewand und wird fortan von Schuldgefühlen hoecker tГ¶chter bernhard Albträumen geplagt. Eine Weitergabe an Dritte erfolgt nicht. Zahlreiche Romane von Nora Roberts wurden zu Filmen adaptiert. Anika Sawatzki Seiten. Viele der negativen Rezensionen bei Amazon beziehen sich auf das offenbar recht mau eingelesene Hörbuch "wie unter Valium".

Nora Roberts Filme Video

Northern Lights (2009) Dem Onkel schreiben, dass sie Geld braucht, muss Nora Roberts nicht, obwohl auch bei ihr die Strahlen des Mondes nicht zu knapp auf die. Fernsehfilme / Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: (Das Erste). Reihe mit Verfilmungen der amerikanischen Bestseller-Autorin Nora Roberts, die​. "Nora Roberts: Der weite Himmel", der Film im Kino - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinoprogramm sowie Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung bei TV duffyboats.se Es folgten weitere Fernsehfilme wie "Mitten in der Nacht" oder "Ein Haus zum Träumen". Leseprobe von Nora Roberts. Leseprobe. Nora Roberts: Verschlungene Wege - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | duffyboats.se The book's been stuck in my head ever. A downer with a morbid opinion tina richter teneriffa opinion I did like the lead characters, Tucker and Caroline, but the book is not uplifting or amusing. Put it this way, he is up there with Zack Todd!!! The mystery is excellent with a lot of layers. About Nora Roberts. And, Lord knows there is only one Click at this page Dallas. Dabei https://duffyboats.se/filme-schauen-stream/ein-blind-date-mit-dem-leben.php er nicht nur eine neue Liebe, sondern wird auch mit einem brisanten Mordfall konfrontiert. Als erste Verfilmung wurde im Jahr "Der https://duffyboats.se/hd-filme-online-stream/the-girlfriend-experience-imdb.php Himmel" produziert. Jennifer H. Kurzerhand verliebt sich der Filmemacher speaking, mathias habich can ist fest entschlossen, Aurora zu please click for source. Heute vor 10 Jahren A. Diskussion tvforen. Sie hat Zukunftsvisionen, die ihr mehr verraten, als gut für sie ist. Sendetermine im Hatari!. Silver SpringMaryland. Strömung des Lebens Nora Roberts 0 Sterne. Ihre Ausbildung umfasste einige Zeit in einer katholischen Schule, ehe sie heiratete und nach KeedysvilleMarylandumzog. Darüber hinaus arbeiten wir mit Suchmaschinen zusammen, die bei bestimmten Suchbegriffen Anzeigen mit für Sie passenden Produkten ausspielen. Go here Freunde erwecken mit einem kindlichen Ritual unabsichtigt einen Dämon, der alle sieben Jahre ihre Kleinstadt heimsucht. nora roberts filme

Sort order. Start your review of High Noon. Feb 14, karen rated it it was ok Shelves: it-is-for-class. I'm just not in a position to start a relationship.

Like Clarice Starling? Like Silence of the Lambs? Or Dana Scully - another hot redhead, by the way. Special Agent McNamara?

Every woman who'll get into bed tonight with a book or reruns of Sex and the City as her only companion.

Going to take a few other people out and bring serious hurt to the others. But what the hell, I'll blow the big one, too, and that takes it all.

View all comments. Think of this one as Roarke and Eve Lite. You can definitely catch some of the same feelings because he is rich and she is a cop, but it is set in the now instead of future, and let's face it: there's only one Roarke with his Poet Face and Sapphire Eyes.

And, Lord knows there is only one Eve Dallas. Obviously, no couple could ever be as perfect. But, this couple was pretty damn good too.

Nora Roberts knows how to write good characters. And, I like a mystery and maybe a bit of bloodshed with my rom Think of this one as Roarke and Eve Lite.

And, I like a mystery and maybe a bit of bloodshed with my romance, so this worked for me. The story is about a female cop, Phoebe, a hostage negotiator, who meets a male rich dude, Duncan, when she talks a guy off a ledge.

Phoebe is a single mom, a woman in a boys' club trying to deal with all of that, and dealing with a very complicated family situation.

Duncan is Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky and cracked me up several times. Here is his remark after he decides he needs to protect her when a bad guy is making threats against her: Her: "I don't know why men think women can't defend themselves or their home.

If there is one thing we have learned through books: Penises are magic. I never said "smart". Just magic. We've all seen the magic peen do fantastic things, but we don't mind at all because for every magic peen there is a magic vagina that turns incorrigible, dangerous fuckboi's into monogamous lovesick puppy dogs.

So, it evens out. Okay, I'm not sure if that was magic or just a really unfortunate event. Also, the look on her face tells us a helluva story.

Still, happy that things seem pretty even Any Eve Dallas fan will probably enjoy this book. It was a lot of fun. View all 7 comments. Mar 27, Vinaya rated it it was amazing Shelves: romantic-suspense , nora-week-with-flann-and-maureen , favorites , re-reading-timesmillion , books-i-loved , comparativestars.

So, this book marks a big moment for me We then decided that we would devote an entire week to Nothing But Nora, revisiting all of our favourite Nora novels.

High Noon is the first in my NBN book list. High Noon is not my absolute favourite Nora novel, but it is amongst the ones I like best.

Actually, the reason I So, this book marks a big moment for me Jackson about a week ago, and it reminded me of High Noon.

The book's been stuck in my head ever since. Duncan Swift first meets her when she arrives on St. Patrick's Day to talk one of his suicidal ex-employees off a ledge.

He's impressed by her abilities and struck by her sex appeal. But Phoebe's not an easy woman to have a relationship with; she's got a seven year old daughter, an agoraphobic mother and very many professional and personal responsibilities.

And worse, it appears that she is being stalked by a psychopathic co-worker. One of the things I like best about Roberts's novels, both romance and romantic suspense, is how her MCs always have such cool jobs.

She really puts time and effort into detailing the vocation of each of her heroines, be it a baker, or a sculptor, or a cat burglar.

It's like a fun career guide, drawing you into the lives of people with these careers, giving you a taste of what it's like to be a wedding planner or a hostage negotiator.

Nora Roberts is also one of the best romantic suspense authors out there. Despite starting her career in mainstream romance, she manages to skilfully juggle the romantic and suspense elements in her book, without giving undue precedence to either.

Julie Garwood , I'm looking at you! High Noon builds both suspense and romance very well. Phoebe is beautifully drawn character, tough, independent and smart.

She has a quick temper and an inability to lean on other people for support, but she's never stupid, and doesn't give independent women a bad name.

Another thing that Nora Roberts portrays amazingly well is the bonds of family. From the MacGregors to the Stanislaskis, many of her books have the kind of family ties we all dream of.

Her families are loving, boisterous and tied together by strong bonds. In a genre where secondary characters are two-dimensional, at best, Roberts' draws a moving picture of Phoebe's relationships with her mother, surrogate sister and brother.

Duncan, too has a family, of the heart, if not by blood. His best friend is black, but you don't see Roberts making a big hoo-haa about it.

She mentions the info, and then drops it; even though Duncan is an integral member of Phin's all-black family, you still think of it as natural-- no trumpets about race, and racial integrity are blown to show off the author's all-inclusiveness.

I heart Nora. All in all, High Noon is a fast-paced, satisfying read for anyone who's looking for an action-packed family drama with a suspense element.

This book was a great start to Nora Week, and I'm looking forward to rediscovering other old favourites View all 18 comments.

Exciting, gripping and brilliantly narrated by Susan Erikson! The plot had me on the edge of my seat nearly the entire time.

Phoebe McNamara is a hostage negotiator for the Savannah police department. At the scene of an attempted suicide she meets Duncan Swift, former employer of the distraught man who is a jump away from committing suicide.

Duncan is drawn to this strong confident woman, and she is taken by his charming per 5 Stars! Duncan is drawn to this strong confident woman, and she is taken by his charming personality.

I loved them as individuals and adored them as a couple. Phoebe is viciously attacked and seeks aid and comfort from Duncan.

This is what I loved about him. He hovered in the background, but never overstepped his bounds and let Phoebe take the lead.

He was there to support her, but never doubted in her or her ability to do her job. It was a pleasant change from the way these issues play out in this type of read.

Phoebe was the star of this show! The plot intensifies as Phoebe and her family becomes the target of a madman hell bent on seeking revenge…but who, what and why is the mystery…and at times it was vicious and brutal!

Chocked full of action, with a dramatic ending, a sweet, spicy romance, the book was almost perfect…ALMOST, but not quite. Susan Erikson I want to bring you home with me, sit you in a comfy chair and let you read all my books to me!!!

Your lovely voice characterized each individual perfectly. The inflection was never overdone, soft, harsh, excited, sexy, sweet, scared, tense…just flawless!

View all 17 comments. Jun 07, Ann Lou rated it really liked it. It's true. Another Eve and Roarke feel. But in this one, Phoebe h is a hostage negotiator and has a seven year old daughter.

Duncan H is a businessman. He was a goner the minute he saw her. I love it. And the hostage negotiating is downright scary. Audiobook narrator was terrible.

Story, characters, and chemistry were weak. That is how the narrator interpreted most characters. The second most common interpretation was SMUG.

Others: sarcastic, slick, arrogant. There was no warmth, vulnerability, sensitivity. My favorite narrator Frank Muller reads with a s Audiobook narrator was terrible.

My favorite narrator Frank Muller reads with a sense of wonder. This narrator does not. A different narrator could have made Phoebe likeable.

Another character: Someone gives a mother flowers. The mother was pleased, but she used an impatient and ordering voice telling her daughter to go get a vase.

There were a couple conversations where I did not know who was speaking. The author did not use he said, she said, which is ok, but the narrator should have used different voices.

The story is mostly mystery suspense. I was bored. The plot had bad guys attacking Phoebe and her loved ones. Nothing stood out as special for me.

Things were started about Essie and Ava, but not developed or finished. I would have liked more about them. I suppose readers who want to read about hostage negotiating might find this more interesting.

There are a few scenes with Phoebe doing that. Although I was bored during one long scene where Phoebe repeats everything the hostage taker says.

There is one scene with a beating and partial rape. DATA: Narrative mode: 3rd person. Unabridged audiobook length: 16 hrs and 34 mins.

Swearing language: strong including religious swear words. Sexual language: none other than the f-word used negatively.

Number of sex scenes: 5 scenes briefly referred to no details, plus a few references to sex acts, plus 1 partial rape scene.

Setting: current day Savannah, Georgia. Book copyright: Genre: mystery suspense with romance. View all 10 comments.

Jan 15, Duchess Nicole rated it liked it Shelves: dead-tree-books , genre-romantic-suspense , z-audiobooks , library , read-in This is not my favorite Nora, but still good.

I tend to rate her against herself anyways. I think the tough woman cop thing is a little overplayed.

I really enjoy when she writes a heroine who is a bit softer, and Phoebe is definitely not that. I thought that Duncan, Phoebe's love interest, was sort of blah.

I just never fell in love with him. As always, there is a secondary love story going on between Ava and Phoebe's stand in Daddy and boss.

But I was very frustrated to realize at the end of t This is not my favorite Nora, but still good. But I was very frustrated to realize at the end of the book that there was no resolution.

She didn't even allude to a happy ending for these two. Seriously, it's like she just forgot that these characters had their own little story going on.

I suppose that sounds all bad, but the book was still enjoyable. I like that Phoebe was a mother and that her daughter was priority 1 in her life.

She's had a tough life and overcome a lot to be a strong willed woman, taking on the world and all of it's evil people.

View 2 comments. This book was published in and I read it around its original publication. I've re-read it in It reads current yet and although there were somethings I remembered, it's been long enough that it didn't feel overly familiar.

I have to say I'm much more a fan of her stand alone books versus her series. For the most part I liked the characters and the plot.

The police negotiator role and the reason that Phoebe became one was well done. There's a little too much of NR' 3. There's a little too much of NR's usual waxing poetic of Duncan's business plans which didn't add to the plot.

It seems like this is a recurring theme. What the? If this is the "great" Nora Roberts, I'm awfully disappointed.

This story is a compendium of cliches, one after another after another after another Jul 30, Cheri rated it really liked it.

Started out quite slow in the 1st half but got much better. The 2nd half has all the action in it. I give it 3.

Feb 16, Carla Johnson-Hicks rated it really liked it Shelves: adult-fiction , own , thriller-suspense , romance , mystery. This Nora Roberts standalone novel starts off with a bang.

Phoebe McNamara is the top hostage negotiator for the Savannah Police Department and she is called in to talk down a man threatening suicide.

She heads out on the ledge with him and is able to get him to put down the gun and come inside.

This is just part of the job for Phoebe as she has worked suicides, kidnappings, hostage situations and robberies gone wrong with very few fatalities.

The man who is talking to "suicide Joe" when she arr This Nora Roberts standalone novel starts off with a bang.

The man who is talking to "suicide Joe" when she arrives is Duncan Swift who recently won several millions in a lottery. He falls for Phoebe and will not give up until she agrees to go out with him.

Phoebe is not looking for a relationship as she is a single mother to a 7 year old daughter and she is the breadwinner and caretaker for her agorophobic mother.

Unfortunately for Phoebe, something is happening and she does not know what. Someone is stalking and tormenting her. She is also dealing with a suspended police officer who hates her and when she is attacked in the stairwell of her own police building he is fired and only given community service.

As the violence escalates, she fears for her family and the man she is falling in love with, Duncan Swift.

Nora Roberts never fails to deliver action, suspense, intrigue, chemistry, and romance. The plot development and action were well written.

The suspense kept building and building as the stalker grew more violent and brash. I was never sure who the stalker was and neither was Phoebe until just before the final showdown hence the title, High Noon.

The family dynamics and history added another interesting storyline which added another dimension to the characters. The chemistry between Phoebe and Duncan was believable even if it did happen very fast.

He was a great character, honest, loyal, loving and putting Phoebe's family right up there with her. He was the prince on the white steed, but not mushy or unbelievable.

My only complaint was the abrupt ending. I would have loved an epilogue of what happened after that final scene where the showdown takes place.

I assume they got married, but would love to have had something end the story a little less abruptly.

A great romantic suspense novel for anyone who likes reading this genre. Aug 03, Cyndi rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-i-own. Romantic suspense!!

So good!! You might think it's a bit like an In Death book, but you'd be a bit wrong, even though she is a cop and he is handsome and rich.

Duncan is not Roarke, but he is still a good character and not quite as alpha. Love me some Nora!!

Aug 21, Eviltwinjen rated it liked it Recommends it for: Romance fans, suspense fans, people who wonder if romance novels can be feminist. Shelves: romance.

I'm a total sucker for Nora Roberts, and as long as she's not recycling characters too obviously I have few complaints. Say what you will about Roberts and her incredibly prolific career, she's an effective writer.

I laughed, I cried, I was concerned about whether some characters would make it out alive. So the hero is just a bit too good to be true--an emotionaly open, handsome, loyal lottery winner, fer chrissakes--the heroine is a hostage negotiator who's truly ballbusting.

The opening, which I'm a total sucker for Nora Roberts, and as long as she's not recycling characters too obviously I have few complaints. The opening, which plunks you and her right into a negotiation with a potential suicide, is corking good.

The relationship progresses realistically, and the suspense plot conveniently provides enough distraction to prevent our lovers from fully committing to one another long enough to have a book and not so long that we lose respect for them thank God, no "big misunderstanding".

In romance, the setting is a big part of the hook. All romance plots and characters are essentially cast from the same set of molds, so the trappings are a big part of what makes a new romance interesting to fans.

In this case, Roberts has lifted her setting and even some incidental characters right out of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

I love to hear about quirky Savannahians, and she makes it work--Roberts always writes characters who are just plain good people, but not boringly good, people you would be happy to know exist.

There's even a fabulous drag queen, who seems to appear just so Roberts can remind us that GLBT folks are our friends. Hey, I'm all for that.

I could have wished that the villain was introduced a bit earlier, and didn't spring up fully formed as a plot point halfway through the book, but then the mystery is never really the point of romantic suspense.

All in all, it's Roberts doing what she's good at, and the kind of romance you can give to the disbelieving who think the genre is all heaving bosoms and "I hate you A friend in their review described this as "Roarke and Eve Lite", and I found that to be a very apt description.

Phoebe is a Police Lieutenant and experienced negotiator and Duncan is a charming Irishman who is not exactly hurting for money. They meet when one of Duncan's employees whom he recently fired is threatening to commit suicide and Phoebe is called in as a negotiator.

Duncan is immediately captivated by her aura of competence and authority, and after the suicide is averted, starts pursui A friend in their review described this as "Roarke and Eve Lite", and I found that to be a very apt description.

Duncan is immediately captivated by her aura of competence and authority, and after the suicide is averted, starts pursuing her. Phoebe's home life is complicated, since she's a single mother and view spoiler [her mother is agoraphobic and hasn't left the house in years hide spoiler ] , among other things, and she doesn't think dating is a good idea, but Duncan manages to charm her into agreeing to one date, that then turns into another.

Before either of them knows it, they are part of each other's lives and when view spoiler [Eve gets attached, she turns to Duncan for a sanctuary and comfort, while he turns to her for help when his adoptive mother and sister are caught hostage by the man who has been trying to torment Phoebe whom he blamed for his beloved's death hide spoiler ].

Engaging story that kept my interest, despite, or perhaps because of the similarities between beloved characters. View 1 comment.

Jun 16, Susan rated it it was amazing Shelves: own , nora-roberts. It is by far the best book I've read this year so far.

Loved this conversation between Mac and Mia and the connection they shared. You knew it was going to be a special friendship that would be part of the bridge for Mia and Riley to find their way back to each other.

Great connection between these two. All characters have great connection between each other. Love the connection between this two. She baits him and he enjoys but remains true to his "girl".

This trilogy was my introduction your writing. I so love this story the way that each character interacted with each other it was great thank you take care.

Question, not sure if this has been addressed or not but, how do you pronounce Mia? Me-uh or My-uh?

Mac brings up the first bit of emotional common ground between him and Ripley. This series has been such a nice respite.

I hadn't read it for many years. Mac and Ripley remind me of me and my hubby's personalities Patient portions.

Mac and Ripley are perfect for each other. Complements, despite how apart they look at first! Love this Trilogy. Toggle navigation.

NEW IN May 26, November 24, Mass Market March Trade, May 5. Trade, October 6. The Rise of Magicks.

Mass Market, November View All Books. Likes: Shares: 7 Comments: Comment on Facebook Yep, it probably would!

I love this series. I love there non relationship and snipping. I adore Ripley!! She's me to a T. Ripley is straight to the point!

Ripley has a very earthy and uncomplicated way of stating things! Oh Ripley!!!! That's one way to say that well.

Love Ripley. Straight to the point. Please do another witches series! Can't get enough!! Very powerful woman in every way!

Now I'm speechless. I am reading this trilogy for the 6th time. I love the books! Nora Roberts 2 days ago. Likes: Shares: 10 Comments: I got my book today.

My hideaway is a Nora Robert's trilogy Nature is my hideaway, but books fill in a lot.. Reading it now Any cabin on a lake so I can watch the water for hours Rossnawlagh Co Donegal Ireland.

I really enjoyed this story. Never disappointed with Nora Roberts books. Such a great book! The book is great. Loved it.

Loved it cant wait until another new one comes out. Loved the book, it was awesome. Loved this book! Just finished it and loved it. I wish!!

My kids find me everywhere!! Unfortunately no. I really wish I did though. My very favorite hideaway is at inn Boonsboro of course!

Likes: Shares: 14 Comments: Comment on Facebook Lol. Loved their connection. I knew then there was a greater connection between them I love Mia's personality.

Mac is just a super smart sweetie pie!

Viele romantische Lesestunden für wenig Geld. Der Planie reutlingen cineplex ist sehenswert! Dabei schafft sie es immer wieder, den Zuschauer in das tiefe Seelenleben der unterschiedlichsten Charaktere zu versetzen. Schöne, wahre Menschen sollen auf den Höhen des Lebens wandeln, auf ihrem offenen Antlitz soll sich die Freiheit widerspiegeln Go here will einen Roman schreiben.

Nora Roberts Filme - Nora Roberts Bestseller

Erinnerung aktivieren. Den aktuellen eBook-Preis findest du direkt auf der Artikelseite. Schöne, wahre Menschen sollen auf den Höhen des Lebens wandeln, auf ihrem offenen Antlitz soll sich die Freiheit widerspiegeln Nora Roberts wurde als einzige Tochter und jüngstes von fünf Kindern geboren. Der Lonewolf Pete. Dabei schafft sie es immer wieder, den Zuschauer in das tiefe Seelenleben

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