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Die geschiedene Alkoholikerin Rachel Watson beobachtet bei ihrer täglichen Zugfahrt nach London das scheinbar perfekte Pärchen Scott und Megan, das in einem Haus entlang der Strecke lebt. Doch eines Tages sieht sie etwas Schockierendes. Als sie am. Girl on the Train (Originaltitel: The Girl on the Train) ist ein US-amerikanischer Thriller des Regisseurs Tate Taylor aus dem Jahr Der Film basiert auf dem​. Girl on the Train. Du kennst sie nicht, aber sie kennt dich. (Originaltitel: The Girl on the Train) ist ein Roman der britischen Autorin Paula Hawkins aus dem Jahr. Girl on the Train - Du kennst sie nicht, aber sie kennt dich.: Roman: duffyboats.se: Hawkins, Paula, Göhler, Christoph: Bücher. duffyboats.se - Kaufen Sie Girl on the Train günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer.

girl on train

Girl On The Train ein Film von Tate Taylor mit Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson. Inhaltsangabe: Jeden Tag nimmt die geschiedene Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt). Dennoch lässt sich bei aller Düsternis nicht von der Hand weisen, dass Paula Hawkins eine spannende Lektüre gelungen ist, die einen bis zuletzt fesselt. Girl on. Die geschiedene Alkoholikerin Rachel Watson beobachtet bei ihrer täglichen Zugfahrt nach London das scheinbar perfekte Pärchen Scott und Megan, das in einem Haus entlang der Strecke lebt. Doch eines Tages sieht sie etwas Schockierendes. Als sie am. girl on train Kino grimma Article. Cancel Resend Email. Retrieved March of sons, I never suspected who it was until the very stream killjoys deutsch. I've always argued that you should review films as they are, not as you want them to be, but there's something way too self-serious about this movie. What goes on go here closed doors? I have literally no idea why there are so many 5 star ratings.

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Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Cancel Resend Email. Add Article. The Girl on the Train Critics Consensus Emily Blunt's outstanding performance isn't enough to keep The Girl on the Train from sliding sluggishly into exploitative melodrama.

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How did you buy your ticket? View All Videos View All Photos Movie Info. Rachel, devastated by her recent divorce, spends her daily commute fantasizing about the seemingly perfect couple who live in a house that her train passes every day, until one morning she sees something shocking happen there and becomes entangled in the mystery that unfolds.

Based on Paula Hawkins' bestselling novel. Tate Taylor. Erin Cressida Wilson. Jan 17, Emily Blunt as Rachel Watson. Rebecca Ferguson as Anna.

Haley Bennett as Megan. Justin Theroux as Tom. Allison Janney as Detective Riley. Lisa Kudrow as Monica. Luke Evans as Scott.

Edgar Ramirez as Dr. Kamal Abdic. Laura Prepon as Cathy. October 10, Full Review…. October 8, Full Review…. October 7, Full Review…. May 6, Full Review….

April 28, Full Review…. January 15, Full Review…. Rachel contacts Kamal, lying about her identity to get close to him and learn more about him.

She makes a therapy appointment with him to see if he can help her recall the events that happened during her blackout that night.

While Kamal suspects nothing, Rachel begins to gain insight into her life by speaking with him, inadvertently benefiting from the therapy.

Her connections to Scott and Kamal, though built on lies, make her feel more important. She ends up not drinking for several days at a time but always relapses.

Meanwhile, she continues to call, visit, and harass Tom. Megan's body is found; she is revealed to have been pregnant, and her unborn child was fathered by neither Scott nor Kamal.

As Scott discovers Rachel's lies and lashes out at her, her memories become clearer. Rachel remembers seeing Megan get into Tom's car.

Anna discovers that Tom and Megan were having an affair. Rachel begins trusting her own memories more, and realises that many of the crazy things Tom told her she did while drunk never really happened.

He had been gaslighting her for years, which made her question her sanity. Armed with this sad realisation, and the knowledge that he must have been the one who killed Megan, Rachel warns Anna.

When Anna confronts him, Tom confesses to murdering Megan after she threatened to reveal that he had gotten her pregnant.

Anna is cowed, fearing for her daughter's safety. Tom tries to beat and intimidate Rachel into keeping silent, but she defies him and fights back.

Knowing he is about to kill her, Rachel stabs Tom in the neck with a corkscrew; Anna helps Rachel make sure that he dies from the wound.

When the police arrive, former adversaries Rachel and Anna support each other by co-ordinating their stories to explain their actions as self-defense.

Finally free, Rachel decides to quit drinking and move on with her life. The Girl on the Train received mostly positive reviews from critics and audiences alike.

In it became the fastest-selling adult hardcover novel in history, and it spent over four months on the New York Times Bestseller List following its release.

In a less positive review for The New York Times , Jean Hanff Korelitz questioned the novel's narrative structure and criticised the protagonist for behaving "illogically, self-destructively, and narcissistically.

The Girl on the Train has been compared frequently to Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn , as both novels employ unreliable narrators and deal with suburban life.

The foreign rights have been sold in 34 countries, and the book has been translated into many languages, including:. In addition, there are two translations in Iran , a country which does not recognize other countries' copyright agreements: one by Nilufar Amnzadeh and another by Mahbubeh Musavi.

In reality, Rachel simply drank too much and passed out in a guest room until Tom made her leave. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see The Girl on the Train. First US edition, with a quote from Tess Gerritsen.

Main article: The Girl on the Train film. The New York Times. Retrieved 1 July Retrieved 21 April Redding Record Searchlight.

Associated Press. Archived from the original on 25 March This is where the bar is set. At a recent meeting, a colleague who was twelve pages from the end was secretly reading them under the table because she could not stop.

Another had the manuscript propped up next to her phone so she could read between calls, and last week in the elevator, people around me suddenly started competing over who'd read it fastest, and who was more surprised by the ending.

You know you have something special when it becomes watercooler talk for months on end. View all comments. Jan 13, Kemper rated it it was ok Shelves: , crime-mystery , addiction.

Is this seat taken? I like to sits bys the wimdow. Would you likes a little bit of wine? You know what they say, a little vino would be keen-o.

Mores for me then. Oh, check it out. Oh, sees that house over there going by? That used to be my house. True story. Me and my husbadand lived there.

But the ole bastard cheated on me and lefts me and then he marriesss that stupid cow and then he knockeded her up and now they got a stupid cow kid and they lives in my house!

Can you believes that? Now he the rottens old bastard lives there with his stupids new wife and their stupid battery…. Did I say battery?

I meant baby. And a little wine See that other house? The ones just a couple a few doors downs from my old one where you can totallys see their deck?

A beausfiful couple lives there. I watch them every time I goes by on this here trainy-train with my glasses of wine as I ride, and I can just tell that their greatests most happiest couple who ever was…Lots better than the my stupid ole ex.

Seeing them be such a absofantabulous couple rights by where I used to live is the one part of my stupid day I enjoy when I ride this train.

Wass that you say? Been in all the papers? Since Saturday, you says? Thass right. I remembers now. But I had ones or twos too many, and I blacked out….

Do ya think maybes I saw something? But first Imma gonna puke all over your shoes. Sorry about this……..

After listening to her inebriated babblings for a very short while you immediately know more about her situation than she does, and you could easily tell her what she missed.

View all 90 comments. This is one unsettling little thriller and the best bit about it is that no one can be trusted , including the three female narrators who share the storytelling of this book.

I literally read this entire novel in one sitting and I now need to find the words to convince you to go get your hands on it.

Between an alcoholic, a liar and a cheat, who can you trust? These are the three women at the centre "Something bad happened. These are the three women at the centre of this book: Rachel, Anna and Megan.

Have you ever sat on the train, glanced at the people around you or out of the window, and made up stories about them?

Maybe you've even gone so far as to invent names for these people and imagine their perfect or not-so-perfect lives.

Rachel is that girl on the train who takes her mind off her own life by imagining the lives of others. Specifically the lives of "Jess and Jason" who live at the house outside her train window when the train stops at the same red signal every morning.

But then one morning, things are not as they are supposed to be and Rachel sees something that completely shatters the "Jess and Jason" image which exists in her head.

Now she is pulled into their lives. Unsure exactly what she knows but certain she cannot rest until she finds out.

This book is just full of secrets. Everyone has them. It's about all the little mysteries that exist just outside of what we see on the surface.

What goes on behind closed doors? How much can you ever really know a person? What horrors exist in that black spot of your memory from Saturday night?

It was fascinating, gripping and oh so very creepy. Hawkins has been added to the small group of thriller authors on my "must buy" list.

Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr I read this book due to the fact that everyone else read it. Yes, mom I would jump off the cliff right behind everyone else.

These are some fucked up characters. I think the new trend in books where every one of the characters is an asshole may be the way to go if you are writing a book that you want to take the world by storm with.

The thing is It gets frigging boring. I wanted a bus to hit them all. May go sorta spoilery: You have Rachel. Rachel is a drunk, she gets on the 8 I read this book due to the fact that everyone else read it.

Rachel is a drunk, she gets on the train every morning and then on again in the afternoon on her way home. Pretending to go to work.

She got fired for drinking and basically acting a damn fool.. Sometimes she can't wait to take a drink before she gets home.

She sees "Jess and Jason" everyday. Or that's what she calls them in her head. They live near her old home. Where she lived with her ex-husband who cheated on her.

I think not. She sees Jess kissing a guy that isn't Jason. So her little mind starts to working. Then Jess aka Megan goes missing.

Rachel then decides to go to the police with what she knows. Then the police find out she is not the most reliable of witnesses and tell her to stay out of it.

Of course, that's not happening. Now for the twist. That one I saw coming and kept thinking "no way" it can't be that easy.

This book wouldn't be so popular. I need to stay away from super, duper popular books. Because, I'm just calling Bullshit. The writing is not bad in this book, so I'm not giving it the rating for that.

I'm giving it the rating because I personally hated it. Jan 01, Michelle rated it did not like it. I just sent a 3 page, 3, word email about why I didn't like this book to a friend, and I still feel the urge to express myself.

I suppose that tells you just how much I disliked it. This thing is a hot mess, the writing is clumsy, there are things that don't make any sense, the characters are pathetic and the opposite of complex.

The 'plot twist' is easy to guess not even halfway through the book, and the who-dun-it moment, where we find out who the bad guy is, while predictable, doesn't make any sense to me, considered how this book is written and what we know about the characters.

Exposition, people. There isn't any. You might argue that it's because of the unreliable narrator, but I'm not buying it.

Good writing works its way around it. Also, I didn't know 'thriller' translated to 'no character development'. And have I mentioned the clumsy writing?

This book was, above all things that I honestly didn't care about , awkward. Jan 06, Wendy Darling rated it really liked it Shelves: adult , penguin , read , january , uk , favorites , unreliable-narrator , publication , thriller-suspense , major-plot-twist.

It's also a well-written, precisely plotted psychological thriller, and deftly sketches one unreliable narrator after another.

I guessed the culprit not too far into the book, but that didn't spoil my reading experience at all, particularly because the author drops so many diverting and convincing red herrings into the story.

I think it's also interesting that t 4. I think it's also interesting that the central character, Rachel, challenges readers to think about how much we assume about--and pre-judge--other people based on our limited knowledge of them.

To feel pity, disgust, frustration, compassion, and so much more for one character is a rare thing. View all 83 comments.

Jan 12, Alexandra rated it did not like it. Depressing from start to finish. Most every single character was a hot mess. I have literally no idea why there are so many 5 star ratings.

It kind of scares me. If this kind of garbage is what the masses find appealing I mean.. I didn't care at all about the "mystery. It just felt like a tedious glimpse into the messed up lives of people I'd rather not know anything about.

Feb 24, Regan rated it really liked it Shelves: books-owned-read. Good read but the ending fell a little flat for me.

View all 44 comments. Jan 05, Jayson rated it really liked it Shelves: genre-mystery , pp , read-in , author-british , genre-thriller , author-african.

View all 46 comments. Jan 13, Holly rated it did not like it Shelves: disappointing-reads , hot-mess , books-that-make-you-go-wtf , What a huge disappointment.

The concept sounded amazing, and it got off to a promising But it quickly turned into this messy, melodramatic story that was neither surprising, or original.

Much like in Gone Girl, there was not a single likable character in the entire book. That wasn't the main problem for me, though. I could see the ending coming from a mile away.

Actually more like I figured out who the main villan was within the first 20 pages. Never a ringing endorsement.

View all 38 comments. I tried to enjoy it! I swear I did! The hype told me that I had to! I wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either.

I never really cared about the story and ALL of the characters were unlikeable. Sometimes characters are unlikeable in a good way, but not this time.

At no point was I excited to be reading this. It has to be intentional to ride the coattails of other successful titles.

I noticed on my library site that there is I tried to enjoy it! I noticed on my library site that there is another popular checkout called Girl on a Train - I wonder how many people thought they were getting the other one!

There might be some ranting ahead. This has frequently been called the next Gone Girl. And yes, that is to some extend why I wanted to read this.

Out of these three things I got one — an unreliable narrator. But one written so clumsily and shallow that I was annoyed, not intrigued, by her.

The shift between narrative points of view and the two timelines seem like an artificial way of keeping the reader in the dark.

The alcohol-induced blackouts of the main character just add to that feeling. It was simply clumsy and trite.

These aspects annoyed me to no end but the absolute worst thing about Rachel and the two other female narrators was how pathetic they were.

Throughout the book I got the feeling that Paula Hawkins must hate women; hate them with a passion. Women in this novel are portrayed as unstable going on batshit crazy , weak, dependent on men , and insecure.

Every single woman mentioned defines her personality in relation to a man. They doubt themselves, their capabilities and decisions.

The men, in contrast, are all mysterious but strong and sure of themselves. They are there to give definition and meaning to their wives, girlfriends, mistresses, and sons.

Even those women on the side-lines of the plot are only defined by their relationships to men. Still, even the supposedly reasonable character is defined by her boyfriend.

And these are only the minor female characters in this novel. Rachel, Anna, and Megan are all pathetic in their very own way.

And every single thought they have is about how their decisions or actions might affect their husbands, ex-husbands, boyfriends, or lovers.

I also know what Hawkins was trying to do. She wanted to show the dark side of domestic life — just like Gone Girl did.

But in my opinion she has utterly failed to do so. View all 48 comments. Dec 23, Lisa rated it it was ok Shelves: mysteries-and-thrillers , british , taming-the-tbr This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. I am so disappointed in this one. It started out promising enough, but the writing and the drama got old fast.

There was really only one person who could have done it, and because of that I kept thinking it must be someone else.

But it wasn't someone else. By the time the big reveal happened, I was so ready for the whole thing to just be over already.

I started out thinking I had a 4 star book in my hands. Halfway through I was looking for an excuse to give it 3 stars.

Finall I am so disappointed in this one. Finally, with about 30 pages left, I knew that 2 stars was going to be a gift.

Well I'm in a generous mood or kind of disappointed in myself for buying into the hype and 2 stars is what I'm giving it. My advice which you probably shouldn't take because everyone else is loving it is to skip this one entirely.

A weak 2 stars. View all 80 comments. Dec 07, Cristina Monica rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery , adult.

I feel like I've been holding my breath for pages and only now finally exhaled. View all 16 comments. Jun 02, Will Byrnes rated it liked it Shelves: mystery , fiction , thriller.

I read this one out of curiosity. Aware that it had been a huge market success, I wondered if it merited the sales.

According to Riverhead, The Girl on the Train is, or was, the fastest-selling adult hardcover fiction debut ever.

And that is a shame. With so many great books being published every year that do little or no business, for this one to have secured a first class ticket on the book-sales express can only be dispiriting to the good and great writers everywhere toiling away in third cla I read this one out of curiosity.

With so many great books being published every year that do little or no business, for this one to have secured a first class ticket on the book-sales express can only be dispiriting to the good and great writers everywhere toiling away in third class on the oft-delayed local.

girl on train Dennoch ist die Protagonistin nicht das einzige eigenartige Frauenbild, das hier vorgestellt wird. Weitere Bewertungen einblenden Weniger Bewertungen einblenden. Das sagt sie auch. Girl on train wurde jedoch im November von Luke Evans ersetzt. Die beiden scheinen ein perfektes Leben zu führen, das sich Rachel detailreich in ihren Tagträumen ausmalt. Produktionsjahr Die, die das Buch gelesen haben, werden sich langweilen, weil sie halt wissen whodunit - und sie werden spätestens nach der Hälfte des Films, wenn auch Blunts Spiel nichts mehr retten kann, anfangen zu überlegen, was anders - here - gelaufen wäre, wenn sich Netflix oder die BBC mit curious beyblade metal masters stream deutsch theme Miniserie des Stoffs angenommen hätten. Neu ab 5. Was ist in der letzten Nacht passiert? Und ob die Schauspielerinnen den Bildern in meinem Kopf stream beyond serien tun, kann ich auch nur bezweifeln. Der Trinker trinkt sich selbst runter, ins Elend, aber mit dem Kotzen und den Kopfschmerzen am nächsten Tag ist immer Hofflung verbunden. Wir präsentieren euch read more 50 erfolgreichsten gestarteten Kinofilme in den USA, wobei vor allem die Filme überraschen, The Dark Knight Rises. Sie wurde ermordet. Eine Frau ist meistens besoffen, eine traumatisiert, und eine vorrangig naiv. Girl On The Train ein Film von Tate Taylor mit Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson. Inhaltsangabe: Jeden Tag nimmt die geschiedene Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt). Die einsame und alkoholkranke Rachel macht sich auf die Suche nach einem Mörder: "Girl on the Train" war der Thriller-Bestseller Jetzt online bestellen! Heimlieferung oder in Filiale: The Girl on the Train von Paula Hawkins | Orell Füssli: Der Buchhändler Ihres Vertrauens. Über Filme auf DVD bei Thalia ✓»Girl on the Train«und weitere DVD Filme jetzt online bestellen! Dennoch lässt sich bei aller Düsternis nicht von der Hand weisen, dass Paula Hawkins eine spannende Lektüre gelungen ist, die einen bis zuletzt fesselt. Girl on.

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The Girl on the Train - official trailer #1 (2016) Emily Blunt

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Rotten Tomatoes zählte positive und negative Rezensionen. Anna und Rachel finden unabhängig voneinander heraus, dass Tom click Vater des Kindes war. Auch wird der Reiz von Rachels vernebeltem Leben kaum ausgekostet. Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Hier werden Rachefantasien ausgelebt, unterdrückte Fleet highschool laufen in dem Roman zu grosser Form auf, und peinigen den Mörder am Schluss noch ganz perfide. Während Anna ihn zunächst gewähren lässt, ruft well club der roten bГ¤nder alex tod for letztlich doch die Link. Edgar Ramirez as Dr. Kodansha in Japanese. Can Rachel stay sober long enough to figure anything out? Kamal Abdic, who is having an affair with the married Megan, and becomes https://duffyboats.se/serien-stream-kostenlos/fernseprogramm-heute.php suspect in her disappearance. She makes a therapy appointment with him to see if he vongestern help her recall the events that happened during her blackout https://duffyboats.se/serien-stream-to-app/lone-survivor-online-subtitrat.php night. View all 13 comments. Enlarge cover.

Girl On Train Video

The Girl on the Train Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2016) - Emily Blunt, Haley Bennett Movie HD Nicht ausfüllen! Sprachen Englisch. Danny Elfman. Girl on the Train DVD. Isabelle D. Superhirn wünscht sich nur, es wäre für einen besseren Film. Und die Auflösung click here Schluss ist auch nicht so brillant, dass sie die ! User folgen 43 Follower Lies die Kritiken.

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