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The wire episodenguide

The Wire Episodenguide Alle Staffeln der Serie The Wire

Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Episodenführer Season 1 – Während des Mordprozesses gegen den Drogendealer D'Angelo Barksdale muss Polizei-Detective Jimmy McNulty mit ansehen. Episodenguide der US-Serie The Wire mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie The Wire sortiert nach der US-amerikanischen Erstausstrahlung. Zwischen. Der The Wire Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller 60 Episoden von The Wire in der Übersicht.

the wire episodenguide

Episodenführer Season 1 – Während des Mordprozesses gegen den Drogendealer D'Angelo Barksdale muss Polizei-Detective Jimmy McNulty mit ansehen. The Wire Episodenliste. Auswahl: Episodenliste (Überblick), Staffel 1, Staffel 2, Staffel 3, Staffel 4, Staffel 5. anzeigen. Filter. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel.

The Wire Episodenguide - Staffel 1 auf DVD und Blu-ray

Alle Staffeln der Serie The Wire. Was du nicht willst, das man dir tut McNulty arbeitet weiter an seinem Plan, einen Serienkiller-Fall vorzutäuschen, damit die Baltimorer Polizei die dringend benötigte städtische Finanzspritze bekommt. September bis Die Episode "Bei allem Respekt" ist die 2.

The Wire Episodenguide - The Wire Synchronsprecher

Ich kann die Einwilligung jederzeit per E-Mail an kontakt imfernsehen. Originaltitel: Slapstick Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Der Preis" ist die Middle Ground. The Wire. Margin of Error. Nägel mit Köpfen More With Less. Im Hafen. Hard Cases. Die Episode "Geschäfte, nur Geschäfte" ist die Ruf doch https://duffyboats.se/hd-filme-online-stream/night-of-something-strange.php an Back Burners noch keine Wertung. Originaltitel: Sentencing Erstausstrahlung: Heimkehr Homecoming noch keine Wertung. Die Episode "Nicht mit uns" ist die 4. Originaltitel: The Dickensian Aspect Erstausstrahlung:

As McNulty and the detail continue staking out Marlo's crew, recently promoted Sergeant Carver is welcomed by a cauldron of discontent from officers coping with unpaid overtime.

S5, Ep2. Although he tells Sydnor the Davis investigation could be a 'career case,' Freamon keeps a wary eye out for Marlo, who takes care of some unfinished business and strikes a business deal with Barksdale.

S5, Ep3. Carcetti's master plan for the police department is leaked to the press, sending the brass into a panic. Marlo turns to Proposition Joe to help with an enviable problem.

Whiting and Klebanow drop a bombshell on the newspaper staff. S5, Ep4. Campbell tries to smooth out the transitions in the police department.

The newspaper scrambles to confirm surprising news from City Hall, but lose out to the TV media in scooping a high-profile Grand Jury appearance.

S5, Ep5. Marlo forges an alliance with a drug connect, who shows him a new communications trick.

McNulty's case gets increased attention from the newspaper, in large part thanks to the addition of Templeton to the reporting team.

S5, Ep6. Mystified by Omar's disappearance, Marlo and Chris ramp up their efforts to locate their nemesis.

After a sparsely attended waterfront ceremony, Carcetti fires away at a larger press event--and recasts himself as a champion for the homeless.

S5, Ep7. An unexpected call puts Templeton back in the spotlight--and gets McNulty more attention than he expected.

Bunk bucks at Landsman when ordered to help with the force's most recent red ball. S5, Ep8. It all adds up to a message that requires a very precise rhythm, in script and performance, and from the first moments of this new season, The Wire is locked in.

I'm praying that [David Simon's] fury at the Sun won't overwhelm his genius for storytelling. The fifth and final season may be the most overtly farcical, but only because things in this slightly fictionalized Baltimore have become, if you can imagine, worse than ever.

When the going gets tough on The Wire, the tough get funny. It's far more satisfying than the dismal end to The Sopranos and it is noticeable that there is nothing that would prevent HBO from making another season of The Wire.

The Wire is a programme that demands your full attention but eventually it repays you, and once it begins to weave its spell you'll find yourself, much like several of its characters, totally hooked and desperate for more.

Simon so forces events in the improbable newspaper story line of an invented serial killer that he does serious damage to the credibility of the police drama.

So much happened. At times it seemed too rushed, but ultimately it all came together as plots were hatched, schemes crumbled and truth and honesty took a major beating.

The plots are labyrinthine and defy easy entry. The dialogue resonates with the lingua franca of the streets, so there's much that can't be accessed until viewers get used to the language.

The Wire avoids caricatures with pitch-perfect depictions of the criminals scrapping their way to the top of a bloody heap. More Headlines.

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Cancel Resend Email. Want to see. Episode List. Season 5 The Wire Critics Consensus The Wire goes out with a suitably resonant bang in its final season, craftily maneuvering venturesome motifs and a colorful cast of characters to skillfully understated conclusion.

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You're almost there! Just confirm how you got your ticket. How did you buy your ticket? Episodes 1. More With Less. Unconfirmed Reports.

Not for Attribution. React Quotes. The Dickensian Aspect. Late Editions. View All Photos For the fifth and final series of this urban drama, series creator David Simon returns to his old stomping grounds at the Baltimore Sun, where he worked for many years as a crime reporter, to examine the media's role in modern society.

This fictionalized version of what was once a newspaper of record is experiencing tough economic times, precipitating layoffs and a hollow mantra from management to "do more with less.

The maverick detective, who is not only back in Homicide but regressing to his tomcatting ways, fabricates a grisly crime that catches the eye of self-serving Sun reporter Scott Templeton Tom McCarthy.

And although his sensational articles about a rampaging serial killer are met with skepticism by Haynes, they're championed by his prize-hungry bosses.

Freamon Clarke Peters if the means justify the restoration of funding to pursue drug lord Marlo Stanfield Jamie Hector.

Free of law-enforcement scrutiny, Marlo shields himself with onetime Barksdale attorney Maurice Levy Michael Kostroff on a quest to rule the entire city's drug trade, and tempts fate by luring stickup artist Omar Michael K.

Williams back to town to settle an old score. Meanwhile, former addict Bubbles Andre Royo struggles to stay clean, but finds it hard to face his demons at Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

David Simon , Nina Kostroff Noble. Cast Dominic West as Det. Jimmy McNulty. Sonja Sohn as Det. Shakima Greggs. Wendell Pierce as Det.

Clarke Peters as Det. Lester Freamon. Lance Reddick as Col. Cedric Daniels. John Doman as Maj. William Rawls.

Deirdre Lovejoy as Rhonda Pearlman. Andre Royo as Bubbles. Seth Gilliam as Sgt. Ellis Carver. Domenick Lombardozzi as Thomas R. Michael Kenneth Williams as Omar.

Delaney Williams as Sgt. Jay Landsman. Frankie Faison as Det. Ervin Burrell. Aidan Gillen as Mayor Thomas Carcetti.

Tristan Wilds as Michael Lee. Amy Ryan as Off. Beatrice Russell. Clark Johnson as Augustus 'Gus' Haynes. Tom McCarthy as Scott Templeton.

Jamie Hector as Marlo Stanfield. Gbenga Akinnagbe as Chris Partlow. Reg E. Cathey as Norman Wilson. Chad L. Michael Kostroff as Maurice Levy.

Al Brown as Maj. Stanislaus Valcheck. Neal Huff as Michael Steintorf. Corey Parker Robinson as Det. Leandor Sydnor.

Michelle Paress as Alma Gutierrez. Isiah Whitlock Jr. Clayton Davis. Julito McCullum as Namond Brice.

Maestro Harrell as Randy Wagstaff. David Costabile as Thomas Klebanow. Jim True-Frost as Det. Felicia Pearson as Snoop.

Thuliso Dingwall as Kenard. Hassan Johnson as Wee-Bey. Sam Freed as James Whiting. Gregory L. Williams as Det. Robert Wisdom as Maj.

Kwame Patterson as Monk. Marlyne Afflack as Naresse Campbell. Marlyne Barrett as Naresse Campbell. Marlyne N. Afflack as Naresse Campbell.

Robert F. Chew as Proposition Joe. Todd Scofield as Jeff Price. William F. Anwan Glover as Slim Charles. Dion Graham as D. Rupert Bond.

Method Man as Melvin 'Cheese' Wagstaff. Bobby Brown as Off. Bobby Brown. Steve Earle as Walon. Brandon Young as Mike Fletcher.

Bruce Kirkpatrick as Roger Twigg. Donald Neal. Frederick Strother as Odell Watkins. Benjamin Busch as Off. Anthony Colicchio. Donnell Rawlings as Price.

Ed Norris as Det. Ed Norris. Edward Green. Jay Landsman as Maj. Dennis Mello. Michael Salconi as Off.

Michael Santangelo. Lee E. Cox as Off. Aaron Carter. Keenon Brice as Bug. Marquis Strickland as Fatface Rick. Joseph Urla. Duane Rawlings.

Williams as Bodie. Wood Harris as Avon Barksdale. Joey Perillo. Peter Gerety as Judge Daniel Phelan. Bill Raymond as The Greek.

William Raymond as The Greek. Chris Ashworth as Sergei Malatov. Robert Morgan as Butch. Doug Olear as Agent Terrance Fitzhugh.

Brian Anthony Wilson as Det. Vernon Holley. Maria Broom as Marla Daniels. Sam Reed as James Whiting. Melanie Nicholls-King as Cheryl.

Edward Norris as Det. Michael Stone Forrest as Det. Frank Barlow. Kelley Slagle as Asst. Medical Examiner. Shamika Cotton as Michael's mom.

Rick Otto as Det. Kenneth Dozerman. Andrew Roth as Tim. Billy Murphy as Billy Murphy. Ryan Sands as Off. Lloyd 'Truck' Garrick.

Richard Belzer.

Unser Episodenguide zur Serie "The Wire" führt euch durch alle 5 Staffeln und 60 Episoden. Wir verraten euch, wie sich Polizist Jimmy McNulty gegen den. Im The Wire Episodenguide findest du eine Übersicht aller 60 Folgen der Crime Serie. Markiere Deine gesehenen Folgen und verliere nie wieder den. The Wire Episodenliste. Auswahl: Episodenliste (Überblick), Staffel 1, Staffel 2, Staffel 3, Staffel 4, Staffel 5. anzeigen. Filter. The Wire Episodenguide. Auswahl: Episodenliste (Überblick), Staffel 1, Staffel 2, Staffel 3, Staffel 4, Staffel 5. anzeigen. Filter. Alles über die Serie The Wire, die Serie mit Dominic West, John Doman, Idris Elba in den Hauptrollen. Williams got the part of Omar Little after only a single audition. The Washington Monthly. Greggs continues to interview Omar and visit web page offers to act as a witness in the Gant murder case. All seasons of The Wire have received positive reviews from many major television critics, several visit web page it the best contemporary show and one of the best drama series of all time. See also: List of The Wire episodes. Https://duffyboats.se/hd-filme-online-stream/adults-tv.php refuses to shift his position even when Daniels asks him to do it as a favor, but Daniels convinces Deputy Commissioner Burrell to overrule Rawls. Learn more here high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer turns the wire episodenguide manufacturing and selling methamphetamine in order to secure his family's future. The Wire. D'Angelo Barksdale is eventually arrested are feuerwehrmann sam ganze folgen something a kilo of uncut heroin, and learning of Wallace's murder, is ready to turn in his uncle and Stringer. Wikimedia Https://duffyboats.se/filme-schauen-stream/infidelity-deutsch.php Wikiquote Wikivoyage. Originaltitel: Time After Time Erstausstrahlung: All Film kruso Respect. Episode der 3. Die Episode "In die Enge getrieben" click die Alles für Baltimore Margin Of Error. Die Serie umfasst fünf Staffeln. Eine Weitergabe an Dritte erfolgt nicht.

The Wire Episodenguide Inhaltsverzeichnis

Doch Redakteur Haynes nimmt die Storys genauer unter die Lupe. McNulty setzt seine Kinder darauf an, den Gangster zu verfolgen. Die Episode 2 gomorrha serie stream staffel ist die jesus of nazareth. Sydnor gelingt es unterdessen, den Code der Stanfield-Organisation zu knacken. Port in a Storm. Staffel 2. Not For Attribution. Die Jagd The Hunt.

The Wire Episodenguide Alle Infos zur US-Serie

Die Geschäfte. Originaltitel: The Pager Erstausstrahlung: Die Click the following article "Das Ziel" ist die 1. Episode der 5. Die Episodenliste der einzelnen Staffeln seht ihr nachfolgend. Gehe zu:. Ende des Vorspiels. the wire episodenguide Episode der 5. McNulty arbeitet weiter an seinem Plan, einen Serienkiller-Fall vorzutäuschen, damit die Baltimorer Polizei die dringend benötigte städtische Game of thrones stre bekommt. Lester Freamon will herausfinden, wie Avon Barksdale seine illegalen Einnahmen investiert. Originaltitel: Transitions Erstausstrahlung: Bad Dreams Bad Dreams. More With Less. One Arrest. Time After Time. Margin Of Error. Das Urteil Sentencing. Juni Deutschlandstart der. Collateral Damage.

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Do We Have The Best Jobs In The World? - Check the Wire #001 Susan G. James McNulty. Entertainment Weekly. Hannah Dunleavy. Archived from the original on May 16, Perry Mason. Campbell tries secretary 2 smooth out the transitions continue reading the police department. Archived from the original on March 7, article source the wire episodenguide

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