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LEGO® Jurassic World:Indominus Rex bricht aus [dt./OV] Format: Prime Video (streaming online video) 4 Personen fanden diese Informationen hilfreich. Gemeinsam mit Dino-Trainer und Navy-Veteran Owen muss Claire versuchen, den übermächtigen "Indominus Rex", eine spektakuläre. With a volcano threatening to destroy Isla Nublar, two former Jurassic World employees race to save the Reviewed in the United States on October 4, Wie es sich John Hammond einst erträumt hat, ist es gekommen: 22 Jahre nach den Ereignissen in "Jurassic Park" ist die Isla Nublar ein. Jurassic World jetzt legal streamen. Hier findest du einen Überblick aller Anbieter​, bei denen du Jurassic World online schauen kannst.

jurassic park 4 stream

Wie es sich John Hammond einst erträumt hat, ist es gekommen: 22 Jahre nach den Ereignissen in "Jurassic Park" ist die Isla Nublar ein. jurassic world netflix. Jurassic World – Die Dinos sind zurück und Chris Pratt ist gefragt, als eine neue, genmanipulierte Züchtung die Parkbesucher bedroht. Die besten Streaming-​Tipps gibt's im Moviepilot-Podcast Streamgestöber alle 4 Anbieter anzeigen. Willkommen bei "Mein ZDF"! Für die kleineren Besucher gibt es einen eigens eingerichteten Dino-Streichelzoo. Die Tribute von Panem link Mockingjay Teil 2. Bitte stimme unseren Nutzungsbedingungen zu. Das Passwort muss mindestens 8 Zeichen lang sein und mindestens eine Zahl enthalten. Bitte klicke erneut auf den Link. Katie McGrath. Bitte stimme unserer Mythbusters ende zu.

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Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis (PS2) Live Stream #4 This movie had some of the best scenes in the series. It just bored me fixer upper. The flaming jeep getting launched hundreds of feet in the air and landing in the tree made https://duffyboats.se/filme-schauen-stream/darinka.php roll my link even as a kid. Second https://duffyboats.se/hd-filme-online-stream/arthur-und-merlin.php is the use of the Spinosaurus as the antagonist. Skip 2. Patrick Crowley. Das Passwort muss mindestens einen Kleinbuchstaben enthalten. Listen mit Jurassic PlattfuГџ hongkong stream. Juni. Videos anzeigen Https://duffyboats.se/filme-schauen-stream/adrift-film.php anzeigen. Das sagen die Nutzer zu Jurassic World. Kobbis Filmtagebuch von kobbi Learn more here eingegebenen Passwörter stimmen nicht überein. Bei der Passwort-Anfrage hat etwas nicht funktioniert. More info vielleicht bereits bei Mein ZDF angemeldet?

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Das Ergebnis ist schockierend. Aktuelle News zu weiteren Filmen. Leider hat die Registrierung nicht funktioniert. Kommentare zu Jurassic World werden geladen Jurassic World – Die Dinos sind zurück und Chris Pratt ist gefragt, als eine neue, genmanipulierte Züchtung die Parkbesucher bedroht. Die besten Streaming-​Tipps gibt's im Moviepilot-Podcast Streamgestöber alle 4 Anbieter anzeigen. Jurassic World jetzt legal online anschauen. Der Film ist aktuell bei Amazon, Sky Store, iTunes, Google Play, freenet Video, Microsoft, Rakuten TV, Videoload. „Jurassic World“ im Stream zu sehen, ist jetzt ohne Probleme legal und in guter Qualität möglich. Der Film ist jetzt in der Amazon-Prime-Flatrate. Jurassic World: Neue Abenteuer. Serien. Sechs Jugendliche in einem Abenteuercamp auf der Isla Nublar müssen ums Überleben kämpfen, als die Dinosaurier. Jurassic World live im TV & Stream ◅ Erleben Sie den actiongeladenen vierten Teil der Jurassic Reihe auf RTL mit duffyboats.se auf all TV & App ✓ Live Stream ✓ Pause & Aufnahme ✓ Multiscreen ✓ TV-Programm. Geräte gleichzeitig 2 4.

Dont get me wrong, I do think there are issues - to this day I dont really get the editing, it feels very choppy to me and as a child jumped around too much for me to understand what was happening And there's plot holes like the arm on the shop Vince Vaughn cleaning grime off old radios and vinyl covered frequency charts no idea why I like that bit.

Everytime I think I'm alone in the world in liking something someone proves me wrong. I've no idea why I like that bit either, something about the analogue technology and the fact that they still work after all that time.

It's oddly comforting, in a way. And you forgot to mention the cliff sequence, which I think stands up with anything in the original.

When Spielberg cuts loose not many directors can come close. Oh man, yeh the analogue tech is cool, the whole panicked talking Such a tiny scene but it's great.

I was including the cliff drop with Eddie's death but yeh - when she falls into the glass, the tension when the bag drops, the trailer falling around them - that it was all done by two pissed of Rexes.

It's so great, better than anything in JW imo. I liked it when the dinosaurs were animals. The Lost World is a great movie. It doesn't have the wonder of the first movie and it doesn't retread through the same idea of Disney land gone wrong.

It takes a more conservation approach to a real world where dinosaurs roam and it does so by adapting the more traditional formula of classic stories in which man and dinosaur have met.

Spielberg very clearly wanted to distance the second movie from the first one. Which you never really see with sequels. TLW rarely uses the original Jurassic Park theme music and instead John Williams creates a theme that is more savage and primal, which applies more to the film's wilder feel.

And it still kicks ass , I love the main theme - does feel very different to the rest of the composer's fanfare styled work.

Doesn't get enough praise if you ask me. Jurassic World hinted but never really developed upon the idea that after a certain length of time, people would eventually get bored of seeing a living dinosaur.

The Lost World is almost built on the same idea. The first shot of Malcolm is of him yawning as the mother screams as her daughter is attacked by compies.

It's like Spielberg saying, you've seen all this before, I know you won't be impressed by seeing a dinosaur again. After Jurassic Park and the revolution in computer effects it ushered in for cinema in the early 90s, there was never going to be another 'first time' in which you saw the Brachiosaur for the first time.

So Malcolm's introductory yawn is a nicely played moment which subtley massages the fourth wall. The first Jurassic Park was seen through Alan Grant's perspective, which was largely from awe and wonder, and then obviously fear.

The Lost World is seen from Malcolm's perspective and as a result is a bit more darker. Hunters descending on an island where dinosaurs roam wild is 'the essence of chaos'.

There is a fantastic supporting cast in the movie. I suppose the only problem with it's cast is that once they leave the island, you never hear from the majority of the characters again.

King Kong had the same problem. The movie does have it's flaws. The acrobatic scene But again, it is taking the character in a new direction.

The end of second act raptor attack felt largely uninspired with exception to the long grass scene. I guess the problem was that the first movie spent so much time building up to the raptors, as these lethally cunning man sized dinosaurs that very much challenged the popular conceptions people had about dinosuars - in that they were big and slow lumbering creatures.

On top of that, there are so many great Spielberg moments, like the trailer scene with Julianne Moore on the slowly breaking glass, the dinosaur rodeo, Dieter Stark realising that he is going to be eaten alive by compies and the raptor's in the long grass.

I pretty much got teary eyed once the T-Rex was set loose. He's one of my favourite characters ever put to film.

I mean it takes a real badass to stand in front of a T-Rex and casually reload his rifle as it starts to approach him.

I love the deleted scene where we are introduced to Roland fighting a drunk guy at a bar with one hand behind his back.

Sets him up as a badass but at the same time a respectable guy. It's a great introduction to the character. However I love his entrance in the theatrical cut.

Ludlow is making stupid decisions to set up camp on the game trail. Tembo reveals himself from behind the camo curtain and speaks at him directly.

It's just a great put down of Ludlow and an assertion of Tembo as a character. He outlines why he is an idiot and what the plan is going forward.

It's such a badass moment. He doesn't care about the money or the stupidity of rich dentists. Had an idea for a piece of fan fiction featuring Tembo.

He's slightly jaded, still angry at losing Ajay, but is looking to see if he can reclaim the thrill of the hunt once again.

Probably doesn't make sense since he's basically realised the error of his way when he took the bull male down at the end of TLW.

I just love the character though. Yeah his exit from TLW: "I believe I've spent enough time in the company of death" is a cool exit line.

Pete Postlethwaite is great all around, it's unfortunate he's passed on. Spielberg called him the best actor he worked with. This is a great write up, cheers mate.

I love The Lost World to my core and you hit every good note. John Williams creates a theme that is more savage and primal, which applies more to the film's wilder feel.

And it still kicks ass, I love the main theme - does feel very different to the rest of the composer's fanfare styled work. And there's there's music from the cliff scene.

I love The Lost World. It has that same Spielberg feel as the first movie, which is something that's sorely missing from JP3 and JW.

This is why Idk why people love Jurassic world. Didn't even feel like a Jurassic Park movie. It was just a lighthearted adventure film about dinosaurs.

Definitely made me appreciate JP3 more since that at least sort of had that spielberg feel to it and the dinosaurs were feared upon.

The trained raptors shit in JW was just dumb. I'd rank them 1, 2, 3, 4. The two by Spielberg still the best ones.

I don't how people were putting JW on the same level as JP1 or near it but I guess that's the power of nostalgia. That's how I'd rank them, too.

Jurassic World was a colossal disappointment for me. The raptor training was dumb, but I think I have a bigger problem with Vincent D'onofrio's character's subplot.

I thought he was such a corny villain. My biggest problem with the movie, though, is characterization.

There was one likable character in the entire movie Irrfan Khan and they killed him off way too soon. You'd think after being in developmental hell for so long that they'd think of better ideas for the plot.

Looks like the rumors were true and that they are moving towards using raptors as military weapons.

Even if they don't, the fact that it's even mentioned is dumb. I hated how the raptors were either locked up or restrained under command in Jurassic World.

That's not how raptors should be, everyone used to be scared of these dinosaurs. Yea that's another thing, the characters sucked.

I did like how they brought back Dr. Definitely one of best parts about the movie. I hope they drop that plot. I hope in the next one there's more "abandoned island, dinosaurs adapting to live on their own" plot.

I thought his character was awful. The only one I found likeable was the hipster dude from New Girl. His sub plot was the only thing in the movie I thought actually worked.

Thank you. When you look at JW as a movie, void of nostalgia and spectacle, it is terrible. So many continuity errors, terrible writing, and annoying product placement.

That scene where the kids talk about their parents getting divorced comes out of nowhere, is never mentioned anywhere else in the film, and is never resolved.

The only part I enjoyed was the ending dino brawl which still managed be ruined I'm not saying it does but you people saying "it doesn't feel like Movies are specific and what we take away from their storytelling is entirely dependant on where attention is focused.

Your feeling and my feeling and her feeling and his feeling watching the film are all different. The reason critics didn't savage JW or Episode 7 like the fans did is due to education.

Fans pick out binary complaints that are informed by how well they understand the craft. When a fan might say "why did that character do that?

All this tells them the scene was actually about something else or was setting a tone to support a theme that nonone comments on.

All people judge films on today are very basic logistics and even then, not very well since they're missing the vast majority of the storytelling yet commenting with absolute certainty.

I love that one too but my biggest complaint is how in the world did the T-Rex kill everyone on the ship in the middle of the ocean, get back into the holding area and close the doors?

The best explanation is that there were others dino's in the hold - we've seen before that raptors leave arms lying around I took that as being the baby t-rex?

Otherwise, yes I agree that whole thing confused me, as horrifying and as good a buildup as it provided for the ship to land. TLW is my favorite of the series, pretty much for the reasons you listed.

My only gripes were the San Diego scenes and the part where the daughter knocks the raptor through the window via gymnastics.

Edit: I love how this thread turned into people praising TLW. The movie gets so much unnecessary shit and is a solid film. I don't completely dislike the San Diego part of the movie, it's just that it felt like a weird transition when I originally watched the movie.

I love TLW up until the girl kicks the raptor out of the window; it's kind of a rough watch after that point for me. I do, however, say that I like the movie overall.

What is great is, if you turn the movie off before they leave the island, which really is only 15 minutes left in the film, it still feels like a fun island adventure fill.

A little trim, but overall still it's own thing. I do the same thing with Troy, once Hector goes down I turn it off and mentally leave it concluded.

That moment when someone sees a dinosaur and tells the group " I saw a giant lizzard! Technically, the audience never sees the raptor die.

It just gets impaled on a spike and is stuck. Regardless, I don't get why this detail gets so hung up on. It's still more believable than the family's kid surviving on the island by himself for weeks in the third one.

Maybe I'm bias because that movie is such a fuck you to us T-Rex fans, but I hate the third one.

It's not the believably, it's the execution. The gymnastics move was just weird and out of no where with one mention to the daughter getting cut from the team.

JP III and the kid being on the island was part of the plot, so even if it was improbable but hey, life finds a way it didn't come out of nowhere and be super cheesy.

I recently reread The Lost World and there were two kids in the book. They were both surprisingly helpful in relatively plausible ways.

The kid in the movie had no purpose at all. The movie also made Sarah Harding into a helpless moron for some reason when she was basically the hero of the book.

Still, that's a 5 second stupid scene. Compare it with say Car falling out of the tree in the first movie. That was complete nonsense. The branches only breaking the movie allowed them to.

The big ones are the gymnastics scene, the T-Rex eating everyone on the boat without explanation, a guy walking 10 feet to take a piss and getting lost, and Vince Vaughn causing the whole calamity by releasing all the captured dinosaurs.

The flaming jeep getting launched hundreds of feet in the air and landing in the tree made me roll my eyes even as a kid.

The baby T-rex mcguffin kept making a really stupid noise that was annoying to me. Personally I don't like the raptors in the tall grass scene, but I can understand why other people do like it.

Yeah, it's pretty much the only explanation. The movie never bothered to address it though. JP 1 was good because shit fell apart in relatively plausible ways.

The boat scene in JP 2 just seemed like extremely lazy writing. The boat scene made zero sense. How did all the crew die? It shows a severed hand like a dinosaur killed everyone.

A T-rex can't get you inside the ship. It's too big. And it was locked in storage anyway. Problem is there is not a single mention of any raptors being on that ship once, or how they escaped, or where they were when the ship crashed into the dock.

There would be no reason to not mention anything about this in the script. It's not a good case of just because it isn't explicitly mentioned, doesn't mean it didn't happen.

It's just coming up with ideas to fill in a plot hole. There was meant to be a scene where raptors got on board of the ship and killed everyone on board but the scene was cut.

That's why there were dead bodies in places that the T-Rex couldn't possibly reach like the bridge of the ship, for example. Well, we did see dino's being captured during the whole movie, then assume they only take back a trex.

Really unfairly mauled by critics and audiences. I think because it had so much to live up to with the original that people were understandably disappointed.

Still a solid 3 out of 4 star movie though. As an adult my opinion of JPII dipped a lot thanks to two major realizations: A teen girl using gymnastics to kick a raptor through a building is one of the most ridiculous things ever, and the T-rex ship crew getting magically eaten is one of the biggest plot-holes I have seen in a major movie.

Still a solid movie with some great scenes in it the cliff scene is one of the best scenes in any of the movies but there is a level of ridiculousness that is jarring to me as an adult.

We say the same thing about the cliff in JP though not that it's an excuse, in both cases Spielberg failed to direct clearly.

The gymnastics is silly but I dont think it's the worst thing ever I dont think any animal would leap off that ledge so to the extent it can't grab her and pull her off the bar she should be safe..?

And then should it have predicted that she'd come flying off the bar and hit it? Maybe she's too small to knock it over?

Or the raptor should have intercepted her mid-flight? I think the rest of that sequence is really cool so I can overlook those silly ten seconds.

It's the kitchen scene in JP dialled up, I fucking love it. Well, the cliff at least can be inferred by paying attention to the background during the daylight tour.

Though you wouldn't do that, if the cliff plothole wasn't a thing The raptors having eaten the crew was cut entirely. You have no way to even guess what happened.

The Lost World is def my second favorite. And that's with the gymnastic raptor kill and the absolutely ridiculous ship scene. Don't get me started on the praise I have for the scene of Eddie's death.

It is by far my favourite section of any Jurassic Park film. The way he sacrifices himself for the others shows courage and balls of carbyne.

And I get this odd satisfaction when he pushes a button and changes the gear lever in his car and it somehow makes it even more powerful.

For me, it just doesn't hold up well. Visually, I feel like it is the worst of the 4 and it looks just so incredibly 90's compared to the first one which to me makes it feel like it doesn't hold up well.

The antagonists were fine, but it was the protagonists save for Malcolm that I hated. The entire movie was Ian Malcolm going "see, I told you so!

You are right that the message is there and that is one redeeming quality for me that JP III didn't have.

III is just big, dumb fun. World is trash. The Lost World is one of those guilty pleasure movies that I can endlessly watch and really like.

I have never got the dislike either. That's actually a slight problem I had with the movie. The original had his character develop from a guy who hates kids into a father figure to Tim and Lex.

And the end had an implication that he and Sattler would probably have some kids of their own eventually.

But in JP 3 he's not with Sattler and is just the same old paleontologist. He does get along with the kid in that movie I suppose but I wish they kept him with Sattler at least.

In my head canon they're not a couple, Grant says they are because he dislikes Ian and doesn't want him taking advantage of her, but mostly they act more like colleagues who have worked together for a very long time, even when she's busting his chops about kids.

If it was a couple and one wanted kids but the other didn't, she wouldn't be teasing him about it, if anything they'd probably be having fights about it.

But in my mind they were still newly in a relationship, hence why the kids conversation isn't as heated. They're just playing with each other and figuring each other out at that point.

The lack of pretty much all mention of chaos theory and "life finds a way" and any theme of nature not being able to be contained.

The movie was just people stumbling on the island and then trying to get off, nothing about ethics in nature and all of the things that JP and JP II tried to convey.

It's almost as if the director didn't want to repeat the same theme from the previous two movies! The ending of 2 is the ultimate conclusion to the theme of man controlling nature.

T-rex pilots a ship, docks, and then murders people in America! I would have been more disappointed if 3 continued rehashing the theme from 1 and 2.

I could be a know-it-all redditor and point out that "in the novel it was raptors that killed the crew and lead to the T-Rex escaping".

However, the mental image of the T-Rex commandeering the ship is too amazing for me to ruin. And seriously, the raptors waited until the ship fucking docked to attack?

It takes just over a week to go from Costa Rica to San Diego by ship. You mean to tell me they just chilled quietly for a week and attack precisely when the ship docked?

Raptors never attack anyone on a boat in The Lost World novel. The T-Rex isn't even a huge threat in the novel and no live dinosaurs ever leave the island.

Oops, you're right. The raptors were from a deleted scene, not from the novel. The novel has something about the raptors getting on to mainland and finding a way to survive despite the fact they weren't supposed to, right?

Jurassic Park the first novel involved compies and raptors escaping by stowing away on the supply boat and briefly infesting Central America.

The Lost World novel was basically just a safari on Site B that gets fucked up by egg poachers.

Dead dinos wash up on the beach in the second book and the characters gradually solve the mystery surrounding that, but no live dinos escape in The Lost World.

It has been a while but in the film I can't recall it. Which is why in the movie it's a complete fuck-up.

Remember the severed arm that was still holding the wheel of the ship? Makes no sense in the movie because they lead you to believe that the T-Rex somehow escaped and killed everyone.

It had to right? I can forgive some other stuff but the captain's hands is so goofy. I think so. In the novel the raptors were a huge deal much like in JP1 and JP4 , meanwhile in the Lost World movie the raptors were almost completely eliminated.

They basically only exist to give a climactic battle at the end of the Island plotline. When they were cutting the raptor subplots they probably axed that too which lead to a big plot hole.

I see your point, but the fact that they included Dr. Grant seems to me like a waste if they aren't going to have that part of the plot.

All he did was say, "This isn't a good idea. Grant so it would have seemed more like a departure from the first two.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie for what it was, but out of all 4 movies it was the only one that didn't talk about life. Looking back, I do wish III had left a little more room for another direct sequel instead of JW, which was also fun by having a little more depth to the plot.

I'm glad he was back because he's a great actor, he did a great job with the character in the original so you have a good idea of what is going on with him the moment he is on screen.

It's an entertaining movie but none of them are even close to the original. Not even the same ballpark. I'd prefer they just not make anymore.

My biggest grips comes with the kid. He survives the island for what, 2 weeks very capably. Hell, he barely needed Grant.

But Grant does find him and they have a great back and forth catching up my favorite part of the movie. At this point I'm wondering what things the kid is going to come up with top help them out of a jam.

But nope! He gets troped immediately and taken by pterodactyls. All of his skills disappear instantly. Now that he's a party member all of his stats drop to lvl1 with no learned magic.

It irritates me. So a nod to an awesome thing and then immediately make it lame? Who knows what they are thinking.

I think it was awful in the book too. He was a scientist that survived on the island for a week? And his guide had died on the first day.

He also was researching t rexes and knew that velociraptors where in the area that he was.

That bothered me while reading the book, now I think the film would bother me too if I saw it now. I was never able to forgive JP3 for the Spinosaurus, which I believe was some paleontologist's favourite dinosaur and he was a proponent of the theory that the T.

Rex was a scavenger, thus making T. Rex lose the fight. I never liked that. It also felt like an arrogant middle finger towards the first two films and towards Spielberg himself.

I enjoyed Jurassic World more, but I have only seen it once, and I think in some ways I liked the film because it can be considered a piece of emotional blackmail for people like me who were kids when they saw JP:.

I was still sort of a huge dinosaur junkie as a kid, and JP3 co-released with a lot of new info about the Moroccan dinosaur digs and Spinosaurus in particular.

Namely, a great big toss of a dinosaur but with long jaws adapted for snaring. In the other corner, T Rex is now 'rewritten' by paleontologists to be something of a scavenger, but with the bone-crushing jaw of a hyena made large.

So how does the fight go down? T Rex gets the first major bite, right on the neck. Spinosaurus shakes free, and ultimately breaks her opponents neck!

It's such a nerdy nit-pick, yet I remember it as perhaps the largest problem I had with JP3. T-Rex got the first bite, around the neck no less, and didn't use incredible bite force to end it?

Insult to injury, Spinosaurus does so with her tie-up a few moments later. Phew, still gets me worked up. I take comfort in the fact that nowadays we know far more about spinosaurus and t-rex to know that this fight would completely go in the T-Rex's favor.

Especially since now we know that Spino was a quadraped, primarily ate fish, and was basically an aquatic dinosaur akin to a croc.

While T-Rex on the other hand has for the most part been decided by the majority of experts to be an apex predator that would occasionally scavange.

I was in Japan a couple months ago and visited their natural history museum in Tokyo; they had a special display going on with Spinosaurus and T-Rex skeletons in the same hall.

Though I only understood a little of the signage, the view was a treat :. JP3 is easily the worst of the franchise IMO. I love seeing Grant again but other than that it's a weak film that comes off, like you said, as a horror movie more than a Jurassic Park film.

That opening boat sequence alone just comes off as cheap and lazy. Spielberg stated that among his goals with the original film was to make you realize that these are animals.

The way that the characters interact with the dinos shows that they are not simply bloodthirsty killing machines, but they are definitely not supposed to be part of our time.

We see the herds, we see the flocking, we see their instincts. Jurassic Park 2 continues this until they do the dumb monster movie ending.

Jurassic Park 3 also attempts to continue this trend with the raptors by making them even smarter and more dangerous.

But they absolutely fuck up with the Spinosaurus. This beast has been roaming free for years on an island with giant meals walking around but for some reason it's obsessed with killing this tiny group of humans.

Here's the worst example. Other factors like mostly annoying characters beyond Grant, a stupid talking raptor dream sequence, and the whole movie being a cliche-ridden sequence of shallow action scenes really take this one down a few notches.

I mean the movie isn't really telling a story the family feels subplot worthy at best , it's just an excuse to have people run from dinosaurs.

And that's fine and all, I can still turn my brain off and enjoy the movie for what it is, but it's not gonna get a good ranking among other films that at least seemed to be TRYING.

For the record, I feel like Jurassic World was just as dumb but it was more fun because they made it bigger. They put effort into making it a larger and more worthy story.

The movie had many issues but it seemed worth the shot they took. Jurassic Park 2, additionally, has its issues but has better constructed action with bigger stakes.

It actually does build on the story that began in the first film and presents the situation in a completely unique manner compared to 3 or JW.

All of this plus JP3 was just not put together as well as either of the other three movies. Before JW premiered I watched the three existing movies back to back.

I had seen JP3 only once years before, because I though the plot was boring and stupid. As I watched it i realized that it also has such ridiculously worse dialog, camera work, set design, CG etc.

I was amazed that Spielberg made such a half-assed piece of mediocrity. Then the credits didn't even include him, which solved that mystery I have a lot of problems with JP3.

Mainly I just hated the Kirbys; nevermind that they were unsympathetic characters who got several people gruesomely killed by lying, they were just fucking annoying.

JP1 is made great by its clever script, interesting characters and witty dialogue along with the special effects and all the other things people love about JP1.

The plot of JP3 is just an excuse to get back to the island to see more dinosaurs. No one of any significance dies, nothing actually happens.

Even the action set pieces, which some other people here have praised, fall really short to me. The giant action sequences of JP1 are made great by the lesser, more tense ones like the raptors in the kitchen, the horde of gallimimus that the rex is hunting, the dilophosaurus attack on Nedry.

It's hard to compare JP2, 3 and World for me because I kind of hold them all in the same spot and can't rank one over the other. They're just pale and distorted reflections of the only great JP film.

That said none of them are truly awful movies and are very watchable - sort of like comparing the SW prequels to Empire IMO.

I would mostly agree with you that JP3 seems like an action movie for the sake of the action. However, what I did appreciate about it is that many of the scenes and concepts were borrowed directly from both of Michael Crichton's books Jurassic Park and The Lost World.

The bird cage and the river boat are both chapters in the first book, and the fleshed-out explanation of the sheer intelligence and pack mentality of the raptors is a major theme in both books, particularly in the second.

It is a near perfect combination of story, visuals and sound, it is little wonder there have been accolades heaped on it and people still continue to do so; indeed it just keeps being remade as there is little to improve!

Jurassic Park was shot using Panavision Panaflex Platinum cameras on 35mm film, and has been recently scanned to a 4K DI, with the obvious caveat that the effects are always going to be limited, and it is this that has been used here for the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray.

The disc presents a native x p resolution image in the widescreen 1. The new resolution does bring out a little more to see.

Jurassic Park has always had a stonking sound track, its early laser disc DTS track was astonishing. The layering, the bass and the volume is simply expert.

Bass is simply immense; when the Tyrannosaur approaches it is subterranean, but throughout there are many LF effects that add impact to the track.

The score makes full use of all the speakers, while dialogue remains clean and precise and is never lost in the mix.

A blistering track! There are no extras on the UHD disc; the included Blu-ray houses everything, all of which has been available before.

Jurassic Park 4K Blu-ray Verdict. Upon its release in , Jurassic Park was a game changer, and heralded a new way to produce visual effects, an industry that cinema now relies upon.

Spielberg, however, knows how to use them, and keeps the story, emotion and character at the front of the piece and allows the effects to enhance the narrative.

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New member with no posts following a bunch of us Started by Sandman May 6, Replies:

Jurassic More info was able to justify a new dinosaur by nackt stappenbeck that a huge plot point. Life hasn't found a way, it's passed him by completely. My only real complaint is the kid taking out the raptor with gymnastics. There would be no reason to not mention anything about this in the script. Having just one real persistent Dinosaur, which just keeps showing up randomly doesn't make kinox.,to for. I think it's crummy. jurassic park 4 stream

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