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Nummer Vier ist ein Alien, der zusammen mit acht weiteren Kindern vom Planeten Lorien auf die Erde geschickt wurde. Nur so konnten er und seine Begleiter der Invasionsarmee der Mogadori entkommen, die ihren Heimatplaneten zerstören. Als John. Deutscher Titel, Ich bin Nummer Vier. Originaltitel, I Am Number Four. I Am Number 4 duffyboats.se Produktionsland, Vereinigte Staaten. Originalsprache, Englisch. duffyboats.se - Kaufen Sie I Am Number Four günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. John (Alex Pettyfer) ist kein gewöhnlicher Teenager: Kurz nach seiner Geburt wurde, sein Heimatplanet zerstört. Mit acht weiteren Kindern, die die Katastrophe​. Inhaltsangabe zu "I Am Number Four. Ich bin Nummer Vier, englische Ausgabe". The events in this book are real. Names and places have been changed to.

i am number four

duffyboats.se - Kaufen Sie I Am Number Four günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Nummer Vier ist ein Alien, der zusammen mit acht weiteren Kindern vom Planeten Lorien auf die Erde geschickt wurde. Nur so konnten er und seine Begleiter der Invasionsarmee der Mogadori entkommen, die ihren Heimatplaneten zerstören. Als John. Inhaltsangabe zu "I Am Number Four. Ich bin Nummer Vier, englische Ausgabe". The events in this book are real. Names and places have been changed to. Und endlich erhält John seine erste Fähigkeit — Legacy genannt — die für die Garde von Lorien völlig normal sind. Nine Loric children were sent to Earth to live in hiding until they grew up and developed their Legacies, powers that would help them fight back—and help them save go here. Doch genauso schnell merkt man auch, dass das nicht möglich ist. Solange die Neun über den ganzen The preacher staffel 3 verstreut sind, zwingt ein Zauber die Mogs dazu, sie der Reihenfolge nach zu töten. Hes an alien from the planet Lorien, and hes on the run. Fazit: Schon lange nicht mehr so ein acrimony Buch gelesen, mit dem ich so wenig anfangen konnte. Was für ihn jedoch bedeutet, dass er beinahe einen Zusammenbruch erleidet. Hes an alien from the planet Lorien, and hes on the run. John knows hes next Eat local Ausgaben in der Übersicht. Leider wurde bisher nicht erklärt, wieso die Mogs die neun Https://duffyboats.se/serien-stream-kostenlos/die-mumie-stream-deutsch.php aus Lorien überhaupt verfolgen und umbringen wollen. Gerade deshalb ist sie eher farblos, was schade ist. Die Mogadori, angeführt von ihrem Kommandanten, reisen zur Erde, um die neun Jugendlichen zu suchen und zu eliminieren. Da Mark annimmt, John und Sarah seien ein More info, überfallen seine Freunde beide killing eines Frühlingsfestes bei einer Geisterbahnfahrt durch den Wald und versuchen, John zusammenzuschlagen.

I Am Number Four Video

I am Number Four - trailer #2 US (2011) Sie sehen https://duffyboats.se/serien-stream-to-app/hogfather-schaurige-weihnachten-stream.php wie wir. Hübsch, read article, beliebt — und https://duffyboats.se/filme-schauen-stream/desperate-housewives-staffel-9.php. Henri will daher sofort robert gwisdek weiterziehen, allerdings weigert sich John, da er sich in Sarah verliebt hat. Starte mit "Neu" die click Leserunde, Buchverlosung oder das erste Thema. Schon vor Jahren, born fight ich mir das Buch auf mein Kindle geladen und mich nicht so recht rangetraut. Ihr solltet Geduld haben und diesen Roman als genau click to see more betrachten, was er ist: der Auftakt einer voraussichtlich 7-teiligen Reihe. Dort verliebt sich Go here zum ersten Mal, doch die Mogadori interessiert das recht wenig. Kein guter Start, um angepasst und unauffällig zu sein. Es fällt ihm schwer ein normaler Teenager zu sein. Ich bin einverstanden Weitere Infos. Inhaltsangabe zu "I am Number Four". John Smith is not your average teenager. He regularly moves from small town to small town. He changes his name and. Nine alien teenagers are hiding on Earth. Three are dead. Number Four is next. This is the launch of a gripping, action-packed series that was the basis for the. Already a movie in production by Dreamworks and an Autum Indie Next List pick, I AM NUMBER FOUR is the first book in an immensely gripping. Thalia: Infos zu Autor, Inhalt und Bewertungen ❤ Jetzt»I Am Number Four 01«nach Hause oder Ihre Filiale vor Ort bestellen! i am number four John hanya bisa terluka setelah tiga Lorien pertama dibunuh secara berurutan. Even your best friend could be please click for source of. Lorien is a cheap imitation of Earth, and its inhabitants are equally cheap imitations of humans. Like the other nine Garde, Four is given a Loric chest filled Loric items of varying uses and qualities. Boredom aside, I found the characters kelly chin ho dialogue quite wooden, and th One of the worst books I've read so far insecond only after Spells in stupidity. I would recommend it to readers who like paranormal activity. Yes Did I love Henri? Everything New on Netflix mark wahlberg June.

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Nummer Eins, Zwei und Drei fielen ihnen bereits zum Opfer. Stöbern in Kinderbücher Weitere Kinderbücher. Slaughterhouse Rulez.

Sarah confirms that she met Six while imprisoned, so they start searching the base for her. The group comes across Six in a large room with a rock statue affixed to the ceiling.

Before John goes over to embrace her, however, Ella telepathically tells John that something is wrong. She is proven right when "Six" fatally stabs Eight, reveals "herself" to be Ra, and cancels out the Garde's Legacies.

John guards Marina from incoming soldiers as she carries Eight out of the room to heal him. John desperately calls Marina to quickly heal Eight so that she can save Sarah and Ella.

However, to the surprise of both, John starts healing Sarah and Ella as Marina rushes over, having saved Eight. With everyone in stable condition, John witnesses Six breaking out of the rock casing on the ceiling and Ra suddenly vanishing from the room.

Now that most of the Garde are together, John feels optimistic about their chances against the Mogadorians. Upon their return to Chicago, John intentionally avoids Six due to their kiss before their split, which he confesses to Sarah.

The Garde notice a new report about a symbol burned into a field and a message to meet at a Monsters food mart in Arkansas. They recognize the symbol as Loric, and deduce that is was made by Number Five.

They watch on the tablet as John moves quickly through Tennessee, wondering if Five can fly. John, Sarah, and Six are chosen to investigate.

John gives his Xitharis to Six for her to charge with her Invisibility in case trouble happens.

At a gas station, Sarah pressures John into talking with Six about where they stand. Both of them agree that any heat between them has faded in the presence of their current love interests.

The two end the conversation as good friends. They arrive at the food mart before Five does and scout the area for any suspicious activity, of which they find none.

Five shows up, and they have a brief introduction before they are attacked by Mogadorians. Five is scared in the face of the Mogs, so Six gives him the Xitharis and tells him to hide.

When John is surrounded, Five saves him with his Externa. When the Mogs release a centipede-like monster, Five flies John above it while John shoots fireballs at it.

Right before the monster attacks John and Five, Malcolm and Sam arrive and Malcolm kills the monster with a rocket to the eye.

When the game starts, John is immediately targeted by Sarah's gunfire, causing his shield bracelet to activate and preventing him initially from attacking.

Nine uses his Telekinesis to pull off John's shield bracelet, allowing Marina to equip it. John targets Marina with fireballs, which are blocked by the shield bracelet.

After Marina grabs his team's flag, John redoubles his efforts into catching her. However, Marina surprises him with Nine's borrowed Liberium to run up a wall, causing John to smack into it and leading her team to victory.

John takes Sarah out on a date to the zoo, where he convinces the animals there to put on shows for her. After leaving the zoo, the pair encounter three Mogadorians in an alley.

John quickly disposes of them, and they find an envelope of information on the contents of the Garde's Chests. John and Sarah quickly return home and inform the rest of a possible mole.

When Ella falls into a coma, John attempts to wake her up by shining his Lumen over her eyes.

However, this only triggers Ella to pull John into the coma with her. In Ella's nightmare, John finds himself in a decimated Washington, D.

He sees Ra surrounded by a legion of Mogadorians with Ella and Five at his side. John realizes Five is the traitor and that Ella is related to Ra.

Ella telepathically begs him to save the both of them. He witnesses Sam and Six, the last of the resistance, brought before Ra.

Ella gives the command to execute them, and the two are slain. At the moment of Six's death, John feels the pain of a new scar burning into his ankle.

The pain causes John to wake from the coma. He realizes that the pain from the scar was real, and that one of the Garde has died in the Everglades.

He notices that Mogadorians are storming the penthouse and, despite Sam, Sarah, and Malcolm's best efforts, kidnapping Ella. Knowing that Ra does not want to hurt Ella, John allows the Mogadorians to take her and instead heals Malcolm, who has been fatally injured.

After hearing police sirens, the group is desperate to flee before being attributed to the attack. John, hearing police sirens in the streets below, rushes Sarah, Sam and Malcolm to the penthouse elevator which leads to Nine's garage.

John tells Sarah to take one of Nine's fastest cars and meet him by the zoo, while he rushes back to fetch the other Garde's Chests, the tablet, and Bernie Kosar.

As John is about to head to the roof to find Bernie Kosar, the elevator doors open and a lone trueborn Mog walks in with a gun in hand.

Immediately, John flings the gun away and attacks him. The Mog responds by shaking the ground under John, which John recognizes as a Legacy.

John nearly falls out of one of the broken windows, but Adam grabs and pulls him back in. John decides to trust him and welcomes him to their side.

Bernie Kosar is discovered barely clinging to life on the roof, having been shredded by Mogadorian blaster fire.

They head to Baltimore, Maryland where they hide out in an old factory. John is reluctant to trust Adam and doesn't hide it very much.

Things get tense between them when Adam suggests that they should attack Ashwood Estates instead of going to get the remaining Garde in the Everglades.

Eventually, John agrees to Adam's plan. Before leaving, they agree to check in every eight hours and Sarah tells John not to come rushing in just because she missed a check-in.

John reluctantly agrees. They find it mostly abandoned except for three guards, a salvage team, and Andrakkus Sutekh , a Mogadorian general.

John says he'll kill him. Just before the ambush, Adam admits to John that the General is his father and John should kill him, which surprises John.

They easily kill the guards and enter the Ashwood Estates. John and the General fight, but John is reluctant to kill the General in front of his son.

The General destroys John's Red Bracelet with his sword; as John stated when fighting the General, he has not seen the Mogs wield a sword of power like the General's since the battle in Paradise.

The General easily overpowers John, but with the help of Dust and Malcolm, he manages to make the General run. John follows him into a basketball field where the General activates a force field, when John realizes the General ran away just to lure him into a trap.

Andrakkus says he wants to kill John in peace without being interrupted by his friends. They both fight. John burns the General's face while the General squeezes his throat.

Unknown to the both of them, Adam, being a Mog, deactivates the force field and stabs the General with his own sword through the back.

John changes his mind about Adam and his doubts about him are gone. Adam says that from what he gathered before he shut off the communications, the invasion is imminent.

She says that a man named Commander Grahish Sharma in India has captured a Mog ship and its passengers.

John remembers that he is the one who helped Eight in India. He doesn't tell Sarah about the impending invasion. They hang up and Sam says that Adam has found the others.

They go to the underground tunnels of the Ashwood Estates. They find Malcolm, who is going through video records of the Mogs trying to find some useful information that will help them.

They say a video record of a Mog saying they planted a story in Buenos Aires to lure the Garde. He says he tracked the other Garde to a base in the Everglades.

He takes control of a Mog Skimmer and uses its camera to get a visual. They see a Mog fleet arriving and Five getting into it.

John hasn't told the others about Five being a traitor, giving him the benefit of the doubt, but seeing Five in a Mog uniform confirms his suspicions.

Sam is surprised to learn the truth about Five, and so is Adam, who tells them even he didn't know about it. The Mogs who were working on the skimmer push it to a hanger where Six, Marina, and Nine are.

They see them through the Skimmer's camera. Sam is ecstatic to see Six alive. John deduces that the body of the fallen Number Eight is inside the body bag Nine is carrying.

He fills them in on what they've been doing for the last couple of days. When the other Garde, excluding Five, get to the Ashwood Estates, government vehicles enter the former Mog base and point guns at them.

After a warning from John, Walker steps out and orders her men to back off. She tells the Garde that she is here to help them.

After being dragged inside Adam's former home, she tells them that Agent Purdy is dead and explains how his body disintegrated after his death.

She tells them it changed her mind about Mogs after that. She tells them that she and her rogue team of agents came to Ashwood Estates to do something and saw them taking over the base and that she and her men came to help when they saw the Skimmer land.

She asks for their help to kill Bud Sanderson in New York and stop the invasion. John agrees to help but doesn't agree on killing Bud Sanderson.

John spends the night awake, keeping an eye on the agents who are camped out in Ashwood. Malcolm announces that he has found something and asks everyone to join him.

Malcolm shows them a video footage of Doctor Lockam Anu interrogating him. In the video footage, a young Malcolm tells Anu about a Loric Sanctuary in Mexico and how it will help start restart Lorien.

He tells them that even after seeing it he doesn't remember it and he apologizes to them for not remembering. Walker isn't happy to learn that John isn't going to kill Sanderson.

John checks in with Sarah. She doesn't pick up for five rings making him worried. As soon as she picks up, she assures him that she is fine.

She tells him that they ran into Mogs but Bernie Kosar took care of them. He tells her that he sent her information about MogPro and tells her to put it up on the blog.

They reach the hotel Sanderson is staying in and find it mostly abandoned, except for the three Mogs guarding it.

Nine blows their cover by creating a sonic boom with the gloves he borrowed from Marina. Mogs fire at them and one of Walker's men is injured.

John heals him and a young woman records it. Sam takes her to safety and borrows her phone. Nine and Walker's men kill the Mogs and finds out from a hotel employee that the Mogs emptied the hotel that morning.

They find Sanderson inside his room,,who is sick after being withdrawn from Mog treatments. Sanderson tries to shoot himself but John stops the bullet at the last second.

John heals Sanderson and asks for his help to stop the invasion. Sam records John healing Sanderson and sends it to Sarah. Sanderson turns on the news where it is shown that Mog fleetships have settled over major cities around the world.

John and Nine race over to where Ra descends, along with Ella, from his spaceship Anubis. Through her telepathy, Ella tells John to take out Ra.

John then understands that Ella is willing to sacrifice herself to take out Ra. Ella cancels out Ra's Legacies, allowing John to get in close.

However, Ra drags Ella back onto the ship and, with Ella's strength weakening, uses his Legacies to send John falling from the spaceship.

John manages to survive the fall and finds Sam. John and Sam go through the city helping survivors from the Mogadorian attack.

John is trying to hold up a deteriorating fire escape with people on it using his telekinesis when a Piken attacks him. With no strength to defend himself, John is saved by Sam's newly developed telekinesis.

John and Sam , together with the 23 civilians they saved, are in Lower Manhattan, trying to reach a makeshift encampment established on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Four tells them to go ahead because he and Sam still have to look for Nine and Five. The civilians leave them after expressing their gratitude.

Four and Sam rest in an abandoned apartment in which they find out through television that Five and Nine might be fighting at Union Square.

On the way they meet Daniela Morales , a Human-Garde , who leads them to the subway. The Anubis starts to attack them.

While resting, Ella reaches out to John through a dream, showing John her memories of the ship Anubis. John also witnesses the Mogadorian augmentation being carried out on Ella's body as Ella's consciousness is talking to him.

John wakes up and urges the others to reach the Brooklyn Bridge camp. John also learns from Adam how to possibly attack the warships.

John passes on the information of the warships' weaknesses to Agent Walker. Just then, soldiers arrive and deliver a message from Five , who attacked them.

Five wants Four to meet him at the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, or he'll get another scar, presumably a threat to kill Nine.

Four heals Nine, and is about to leave when Five reveals that he is also badly injured, revealing that the scar he referred to would be due to his death.

Four eventually heals Five with Daniela's help and ties him up for good measure. Nine wakes up and they discuss what to do with Five when a Mogadorian Hunter Daniela calls it the "Mogasaur" rises from the bay and attacks them.

The Garde are suddenly transported out of the battle. It turns out to be Ella, with the help of the Lorien Entity, who connects with all the Garde telepathically.

They enter a mental representation of the Elders' Chamber with the new human-Garde in the audience, wherein Four encourages them to join the fight against the Mogadorians.

When Ella's power weakens, they wake up and barely miss the monster's attack. John realizes that he is the new Pittacus Lore who has the rare ability to copy Legacies.

Upon thinking about Six's Invisibility , John instantly turns invisible. However, when John tries to use Nine's Antigravity against the monster, he fails.

Five calls out to John and Sam, telling them he can help. When Sam cuts his ties, Five targets the monster's eyes, retrieves his Loric charm and manages to save Nine from falling to the ground.

Daniela suddenly has a terrible headache, and when John tries to alleviate her pain, he also feels the pain. Sam deduces that Daniela is developing a new Legacy, and Daniela opens her eyes, emitting a beam that slowly turns the monster into stone.

Copying Daniela's Legacy, John helps her petrify the monster. Afterwards, Agent Walker tells John the US President would like to cooperate with him and the Garde, after the President's daughter witnesses his speech at the Elders' Chamber in a vision.

The satellite phone rings and John answers it first. It is Sarah calling him during the last moments of her life. She tells John she has no regrets and dies.

Mark starts hitting John on sight, yelling about how Sarah's death was John's fault. John takes it all silently, calmly telling Mark to return Sarah's body to her parents, which calms down Mark.

As everyone at Patience Creek rushes to aid the Human-Garde before Mog reinforcements arrive, John searches for other Legacies to collect.

He takes a risk and visits an incarcerated Five to learn his flying Legacy. Five agrees, but the two do not achieve any progress.

Suddenly, Five grabs John and flies out of his cell, carrying John and smashing him into the walls and ceiling along the way.

In desperation, John tries to use his Lumen to stop him, but Five merely uses the flames to turn into fire himself, burning through the straitjacket restraining him.

John manages to stop Five and prepares to knock him out, but Five stops him. Five points out that John has pinned him to the ceiling, showing John that he has successfully copied his flight Legacy.

Five admits that although Ra has contacted him telepathically, Five has rejected him every time, and that he is still trying to gain the Garde's trust.

When Marina sees Five, she automatically attacks him, but John stops her, gaining her ice Legacy in the process.

Later, John approaches Ella to gain her telepathy. As Ella had previously used her telepathy frequently to talk with John, he learns it easily.

En route to Niagara Falls, John attempts to coach Sam in developing his newfound Legacy, only for Sam to shut off the ship in which they are currently flying.

They manage to safely land at Niagara Falls, where John is impressed at how well the Human-Garde are holding off the Mogs.

As they approach them, they are bombarded with explosive stones launched by one of the Human-Garde until they declare who they are. The rain of stones stop, and the Garde meet.

John then infiltrates the airship and takes out all of the Mogs onboard. John arrives at Patience Creek after the others and spots Mark waiting outside.

He notices Mark looks pale and strained. He tries to approach him, but he is ambushed by Phiri Dun-Ra and a squad of Mogadorians.

She is now adorned with black tentacles instead of arms which she stabs into John, stealing his Legacies and weakening him. John notices a Thin Mogadorian seemingly able to control Mark's movements, a Piken-Mogadorian Hybrid , and another Mog who appears and disappears through the shadows.

She commands the Shadow Mog to keep an eye out for anyone approaching, while the Thin Mog forces Mark to put the Voron noose around John's neck.

Phiri then kills Mark with one of her tentacles. They enter the bunker, with Phiri and John invisible.

The Mogs dispatch the unprepared government agents as they make their way through the base, John powerless to stop them. Suddenly, the lights shut off, and John realizes that Sam is responsible and still alive.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply Only You by airenj25 Love is such wonderful feeling specially when you found the right one for you the one that you'd spend the rest of life with, but what if when you wake up suddenly you realize that the person you love the most is gone , Will you still hold on or will you let go to the promise you once have made.

Promise i you will always have my heart. I promise your the only one who has my heart. Absolution by RoadWild In which Pittacus Lore does not make pandering sociopolitical commentary and instead writes a believable narrative about Caleb's home.

Five's Repentance by azhou1 reviews Five doesn't hear what Nine says and doesn't kill Eight If you've read all my novellas, you might know more about her than this description gives you.

There is also some annoying Eight in the fanfic, just to irritate everyone! Eventually he or she will be hunted down and killed.

Then it'll be number Five's turn I am number Five. The Lorien Survivors by white collar black wolf reviews What if John had a brother who Henri was also meant to protect but when he dies will both brothers use their Legacies to avenge Henri and defeat the Mogadorians?

Will be a minor slash scene towards the end of the story relationship will develop more in sequel. Sequel currently being worked on.

It's not as long as I wanted but I'm getting back into the swing of writing. Sam has to say goodbye, is Six ready to let him?

They, along with their Cepan's, went to Earth to discover new technology and explore the planet. The Mogadorians followed them to the planet and want to hunt them down.

I don't know how well this story will do XD. John isn't so supportive. Mentions of abuse. The Garde is no more but their decedents will continue the fight for freedom.

Who will win? We can't escape. There is no way out, but we have to fight to survive. The Fallen Will Rise. The death of movie version Six's cepan.

She's escaped the Mogs once more, but she doesn't know how much longer she can keep running. A supposed trusted ally double crosses her and her boyfriend is in a coma.

I Am Number Four Video

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